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Do your credits reset every month?

Hi there!

Very new to /r/beermoney!

Just started on SwagBucks and InstaGC.

I saw in the FAQ that you shouldn’t save up your credits in case a site goes under – would this be the same for a site like SwagBucks? I believe it’s been around for quite sometime!

In any event, do your credits reset every month? Or could you potentially carry them over from month to month?


11 thoughts on “Do your credits reset every month?

  1. Even for the well known sites, you should still cash out soon. There is less of a risk that a site like Swagbucks will disappear, but the risk still remains. Not to mention, there’s always the chance that you could be banned. These sites try to prevent fraud as much as possible, so sometimes there are false positives.

    I’m not aware of any site that lets your credits expire after a month as long as you’re active. [Swagbucks requires you to redeem the points within 2 years, and they expire if you’re inactive for 6 months.]( [Instagc points won’t expire unless you are inactive for 6 months.](

  2. It’s more likely that your account with get suspended without cause or warning than the site will shut down. Not worth the risk.

  3. I’ve been inactive on Swagbucks for months at a time and never had my points reset. Inboxdollars on the other hand, deleted my entire account after a few months of inactivity.

    1. this could be a blessing in disguise. I got around $100 on inboxdollars from just watching videos, they locked the tv part on my account so I stopped using. Came baak at the beginning of january, and my account had been deleted. Made a new account and got the TV back.

    2. My husband made a Swagbucks account, but didn’t do much with it. A couple times, he’s gotten emails saying that if he doesn’t use his account within x amount of days, he’ll lose the points he does have.

  4. For Swagbucks, since I use amazon gift cards, I save up until I’m at 2200, so that (assuming it’s my first time cashing out that month) I get a $25 gift card for only 2200 SBs instead of 2500. I don’t really ever let my balance get higher than 2200, though.

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