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Does anybody have any experience with Test.IO?

Tried signing up for Test.IO to do some bug hunting and Application testing on the side. I’m a Software Developer by trade, so something like this would be a neat way to get some extra testing experience while also getting paid.

I have three years of Unit and Functional testing experience on the Front End and Mid Tier, but I feel absolutely stupid and like I’m wasting my time when trying to do the onboarding test right now. I’m going through the correct protocol for debugging a website. Heck, I’m using a combination of Firebug and the Chrome debugger to try to even find any sort of issue with the javascript or page compilation. I’ve read similar experiences on Glassdoor. However, what concerns me the most is that the company’s responses to the negative feedback doesn’t match up with what’s actually happening with the onboarding test.

They state that they don’t use a real site, and that we will be compensated. However, the onboarding test website is the actual, live version of a real business (REI in this case), and there is no compensation for successful completion of the test and reporting of bugs. I’m also seeing in the Bugs Reported feed for this test that some of the reports are actually being forwarded on to REI, when Test.IO explicitly stated on Glassdoor that they don’t do that with the onboarding exam.

It just feels like at this point it’s a game of diminishing returns. Does anybody else have any experience with this site? Has their experience been the same?

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