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Does anyone do sites for their significant other?

Hello! I have started utilizing a bunch of different sites. My wife doesn’t want to do it, but is fine with me doing things for her. Is there any trouble I would run into if I set up an account for her wherever I am and also got a referral for doing so? Like can I open her a Swagbucks account? I’m thinking I would be able to get the referral bonus, but also have the extra account open for any big deals down the road.

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  1. Some beermoney sites only allow one ip per user. For swagbucks, they allow multiple users for one ip, but you need to use different devices (don’t use one computer for both account), but still some people have still gotten their accounts banned. I would ask swagbucks if it’s ok for your wife and yourself to use it at home with your referral.

  2. i dont usually run two accounts on any site because it leads to trouble. i do however make payment processor accounts in her name and stuff like that.

  3. OP your wife might appreciate the products sent in her name from a consumer panel company.

    No pay, but you do get to keep (some) items. I’ve had all sorts of shit delivered to me, from fragrances to cat food to high-end electronic stuff. Just look at the campaigns page on their site.

    No ref code shit, just

  4. Try “Respondent”. Me and my SO share tasks sometimes when i cant do them and its works. They have some highly paid surveys $50+ but you need to apply for them. I’ve had it a month or two and have completed a few whilst out of work. They are very specific but if you get accepted for them, its great money. IMO its pays better than Mturk or swagbucks long term, but is less constant, so do both!

    Heres my ref link []( 😉

    non ref link – [](

    If you have any questions about it, feel free to message me

  5. note that this can get you banned if you foolishly answer surveys with your demographics but on your wife’s account. this is a gray area and i wouldn’t recommend it except for those offers to get stuff but you also have to check that they don’t have a one per household rule.

  6. I don’t do Swagbucks for my girfriend, but she does have a Swagbucks account (as do I) and I know that it’s allowed. She’s my referral and we’ve never had problems, but she uses different devices than I do and we don’t generally use Swagbucks at the same time as each other. I wouldn’t recommend doing something like running videos on both you and your wife’s computer at the same time… I think that’s the thing that would be mostly to get you flagged.

  7. I would avoid running two devices on different accounts on the the same IP address.

    Although you could probably regain account access by explaining, you would likely get flagged and/or banned first.

  8. sites frown on this. Eventually they would see that you live in the same household, and used someone from that household as a referral

    You would be considered having 2 accounts.

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