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Does anyone has “success” stories or stories of using Kickfurther? Thank you!

I looked at the site once a while ago, and I just got an email and im intrested again. But Before I get into this site im curious who may have used it and what happened with that. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Does anyone has “success” stories or stories of using Kickfurther? Thank you!

  1. I lost money on that site and have since stopped using it. Are you familiar with RobinHood? I would suggest that if you are looking to invest your beer money earnings.

  2. Oh, and too add to this!

    So I was going to transfer 250$ to a savings account next week. Rather, I could put that into the only pledge open right now. With a 6% return I’d get 15$ back. In all honestly however Im not sure how long that could take. Maybe it would be better for me to just throw it into my roth instead? (althought im not really putting money into that at the moment for other reasons*)

  3. Personally, I’ve lost money with the site. I joined in late 2015, during one of the first times the site was posted here. I have offers from early 2016 that have failed to pay back one single cent. I have heard stories from others who have lost thousands on one deal. One of the larger offers have slowed down payment to the point where they will realistically pay back in 2022. This was originally supposed to be paid back within a year. The official subreddit is /r/getgrowing, which is run by people at the site. It was originally open as a place to share experiences with the site. Then things went bad, and the CEO (Sean, i think) started scrubbing the subreddit of negative posts. Then eventually it went private.

    So a different subreddit for the investors by the investors was made, /r/kftalk. Rather recently, /r/getgrowing has been unprivated, but by then everyone had either accepted a loss and moved on or are hanging around /r/kftalk instead. Dangerous game for sure, it’s supposedly safer now than when it launched but I’m still down money and have no incentive to touch the site again.

    1. Kidna why I never tried to use it. I went back just now to look over the site and get a reminder of what its for. Its a consignment based practice. I dont know in 2015 if I would have understood exactly what they are doing but I feel I get it now more than before for sure. I wont be putting money into it. Rather something more secure and ensuring like my Roth.

      I am also weary that there are more than just your stories to be heard which kinda sucks. Thank you very much for sharing those subreddits. I had no clue they existed.

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