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Does anyone phone mystery shop?

or is it all a scam? Like call canter was and marketplaces are they legit ?

also what are some other sites like usertesting?

17 thoughts on “Does anyone phone mystery shop?

  1. I’ve done this through Influence Marketing. It definitely paid well ($18/shop) and only took 5-15 minutes per a shop.

    I won’t do it again though because I rely on buses and found the shops were spread across the city. I would be travelling up to an hour to get to a store.

  2. I do it. I use Field Agent and Mobee. Both pay pretty well, and I’ve never gotten ripped off on either. Field Agent pays via direct deposit to your bank. Mobee pays in points that you can redeem for gift cards. Anyway, those are the two that I can personally verify.

    I’ve also heard good things about Gigwalk and EasyShift. They just don’t have jobs near my small town.

    Not mystery shopping, but I’ve also been using the Merchandiser app by I haven’t gotten any store demo or reset jobs, but I’ve done some audits and restocks, and have gotten paid pretty nicely for those.

  3. Did this through EasyShift. Pays, but depends on how much you value your time. There’s a message board within the app that’s useful. It helps one can’t be 86’d from a grocery store in my state.

    I once recommended it someone but he didn’t read the instructions. He thought the back of the store meant outside where the dumpsters are.

  4. I mystery shopped the pre-sales telephone support staff of a large and well known technology company. There was a special “back door” number I called and then entered a code to reach the queue of specific employees. The company said that the project was to “catch employees doing good” and that no one would be hurt in the process. It was a fun assignment and paid well.

    I already had a relationship with company for other reasons and was recruited for this.

  5. I do mystery shopping through Above Benchmark and MarketPulse. MP is all store and restaurant visits, but AB does have some phone surveys from month to month. They only hire when they need someone though, and as you can imagine, the phone call surveys get more applicants because they can be done by anyone in the country, you don’t need to be local.

  6. I have done UserTesting made quite a few $$ off there.

    I have mystery shopped for years for mostly stores and chain restaurants. There are dozens of sites to sign up for. If you do well for some you get the better gigs like amusement parks, cruises, random events, etc. But that is paperwork city.

    The scam mystery shop jobs are ANY that say “here cash this check, and send X dollars via Western Union, Moneygram or ANY type of gift/pre-paid card.” These are 100% Scams.

    1. Though what you described type are scams and those that come through your emails are too. But I’ve done assignments for which I had to send western union and receive it, all done in cash in span of few days for sending and receiving. It was done through a reputable mystery shopping company and evaluated the independent WU locations.

  7. Intelli-shop has some phone mystery shops every once in awhile. They offer primarily on location shops, but every month there is a limited number of phone shops.


    The trick to getting the phone shops, though, is to be quick about taking them when they are posted because they go quick.

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