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Does Prolific Limit Studies?

I signed up to Prolific AC two days ago. On the first day I had 12 studies and made £20 but yesterday I had none at all and today I’ve had two £1 studies. I know some of the shadier sites seem to give you loads of surveys at first and then just stop giving them to you. Anyone else noticed this or did I just get extremely lucky on my first day?

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  1. I get tons of studies from them. At least a couple a day, and sometimes more. I hear of people rarely getting studies (a few a week), and I think it really just has to do with demographic.

  2. I started December 6th and have earned £74 or $95 USD. I cash out with Circle when I have £20 so they don’t take any fees. I’m really happy I found prolific 🙂

    I definitely got a bunch more the first day but I think they were just pre-existing surveys still waiting for participants. Now I usually get 2-3 per day, although some days none at all. And during the couple weeks around Christmas I didn’t get any.

  3. Seems to be really slow today. I haven’t gotten a single one. I’ve only been signed up a short time as well (and I’m only at about £7!) but yeah, today and yesterday seemed particularly slow.

  4. You got pretty lucky. I get less than one survey a day from them, on average. They don’t shut you down, though, they just don’t have a huge number of surveys generally.

  5. You got extremely lucky. You cannot compare Prolific to survey sites, as there are very seldom market research surveys. They serve educational institutions and you are pre-screened prior to being offered a study. Think of how much time is wasted on screeners on the other sites. You make a good rate on Prolific for the time spent. Don’t worry, and remember, its a gig, not a job. There is absolutely nothing shady about Prolific.

  6. you got extremely lucky. prolific is over saturated with people and they don’t have enough work. i barely get 1 or 2 studies a week

  7. You got lucky. On average I get 1-2 studies a day. I don’t think Prolific limits studies per se, but there’s so many people that a spare second could make the difference between getting access to a study or not.

      1. Oooh, this is brilliant! I usually wait until I get email notifications, and about half the time, the study is full once I click through to it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. When I signed up in middle November, something similar happened to me. I had about 7 studies the first day, and then maybe 1-2 a day about 70% of the days. They are very legit though. Since I signed up, i’ve made about £82 ($105 USD)

    If you use circle pay and wait until you have £20 or more, no fees will be taken from your earnings.

  9. Prolific doesn’t have a whole lot of studies available. The reason you got a lot of the first day is because they already had some surveys available that were uploaded in the previous weeks. Now that you’ve completed what’s available, you have to wait for clients to post new surveys.

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