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Dosh $50.06 paypal payment

Recieved $50.06 from dosh today. Personally i wont use them again until they have their $15.00 referral bonus promotion they have from time to time that is when you can make hundreds by getting your friends together.


I also thought about taping some paper flyers advertising easy cash back on store fronts that qualify with an easy to type link to a blog post of mine with my referral link and see if anybody signs up to save before they walk into the store lol.

Almost nobody trusts promoting this app online. If i could just reach a large number of people in real life i could make bank. Even my own aunt turned me down via messenger and said she “lost her debit cards” haha.

17 thoughts on “Dosh $50.06 paypal payment

  1. When you figure out how to make people trust a flyer taped to a store front that says “easy cash back just go to this website, download this app and put in your credit card” more than they trust their own family, then I guess you’ll have it made.

    Services where the only way you can make money are by convincing other people to sign up aren’t worth it. It’s almost the same as a pyramid scheme. You’re just trying to convince your own competition to sign up. Lol

    1. My husband told me, “You and your pyramid schemes…” when I was sharing my code and these apps on Facebook. But not one single person has used them, so my scheming is super shitty.

    2. exactly why i never got wild on ref setups. not to mention the ones you get involved, tend to drop out once it gets “too hard”. for me it’s always been wasted energy i could’ve been using to do shit on my own.

      1. Yeah exactly, I mean look at the mentality in their post. They go from “my family doesn’t even want to hear about it from me” to “I can get my friends together to make hundreds”, and “no one trusts this” to “taping paper flyers on store front windows to reach large crowds of random people” that they’ll never hear from when they realize they were schemed.

        I bet if they told people they were trying to sign up, “well I’ll make $15 from you doing it, and you’ll get $5 but you won’t be able to cash it out until you reach $25, which you can only do by purchasing $400-$1000 worth of stuff, or by convincing other people to sign up, but I already signed up our friends” they would punch them right in the throat.

        To me it’s a big ol’ waste of time and energy in there.

        1. ding ding ding lol.

          but yup. i mean, back when i was starting out even then i seen the writing on the wall with how “over” it would go with trying to get people on board with ABC site/app that requires this or that. so whenever i *did* get the balls to try and help a friend or three friends out with something. i’d already done up the research of how things ran, and if there were any quirks? i’d be upfront right away in that. but after seeing them people act all gunhole then flash ahead 4-12 months later, and they act as though they don’t even remember the advice or help? to me that’s why i stopped. in that small window of time, i easily made something out of a pile of shit. so, if they come back down the line and want my help again..sure, i’ll point this or that out. but now i make *them* look and do the research.

          i get how hardened this all gets. which is why i’m not ashamed to admit it did make me cynical in playing the ref. game. and then you have places online (some that’ve tanked or are about to tank) that make ref’s mandatory in order to get even a tenth of a tenth of a reward/cash? this is an old system that’s been around for decades. of course i’d suggest something on the spot still. if i knew the obvious background. but i’m not going to lead any further like i use to. because they you can just see the glazed over reactions.

          best ref’s i ever gotten? were a friend of mine who signed up underneath ibotta, and one roommate who signed up to instagc years back. the rest? maybe less then two handfuls total that i “ref spammed” ever stuck it out.

  2. A lot of people are hesitant to link their credit cards to apps, and I can understand that (although I do it). Dosh doesn’t seem to have enough partners for earning cash back. Drop has better options, in my opinion. If they get more and better partners it will be easier to promote the app.

      1. I do use both. My point is, I think it’s a little easier to promote Drop to other people because their program is better. Not a one or the other situation, I just think Drop is more appealing.

        1. Ah gotcha. I like Drop but the in app offers are hard for me to navigate, lol. I think Pei is the one I use in place of Dosh from that network of apps.

  3. Not to be that person, but I saw someone’s name on your thing so you didn’t blacken it too well.

    1. 6Maybe try venmo? They also do not accept prepaid cards you are better off contacting their customer service

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