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Dungeons and treasures – browser RPG that (still!) pays money and gifts

Hi guys,

So recently I found this game and it looks really addictive. I’m pretty sure it’s well-known because it’s old. For those of you who are not familiar with it:

The main goal is to accumulate gold. At the beginning of every month the gold is converted to DT dollars(100k gold = ~0.25 DT$ and 1 DT$ = €0.7). The minimum payout is 5 DT$ or €3.5.

Тhere are several ways to earn gold, the main of which is exploring dungeons and killing monsters. You have only 1 dungeon per day to explore, but you can get 4 more for 1 star point(you can earn 4 star points by buying 1 DT code). You can earn more by competing against other players, participating in game contests, selling in the marketplace, open chests. There are also a possibility to win gifts like steam games.

It looks like it has many features and good ways to win. I can see players who have been playing for like 10 years and it seems that the are earning pretty good money, with some investment of course.

I would love to have your opinion or experience on this.

[Ref link]( | [Non ref link](

EDIT: I’ll give a free gift (strong weapon / strong armor / strong potions/ strong magic) to anyone who register under my ref link.

To receive your gift please PM me here your desired gift and your D&T character’s name.

If you get level 10 I will give you one star point for free! 🙂

EDIT: Guys, I can’t believe how hooked I am. 😀 I don’t know, there is something about this game. Maybe because of thе variety of things you can do or maybe because of the nostalgic feel, I really don’t know. I only know that I have played almost all the time today at work. 😀

10 thoughts on “Dungeons and treasures – browser RPG that (still!) pays money and gifts

  1. Any idea how much a person who doesn’t spend any money at all could make a month? Are we talking like a dollar a month or like $10 or something? Thanks.

  2. Played this years ago. It’s been around for well over ten years, and its graphics and design reflect that.

    To say it’s a boring grind is an understatement. There’s little earning opportunity here, and you’d earn more doing one survey a day on a site like Grindabuck or InstaGC for a month.

  3. I tried this for a month and a half and reviewed this one on my site.


    Without referrals the payout was about $3 a month (which i cannot even cash out as it did not meet the minimum)


    The entire month, I grinded every day through every dungeon that was available and got every treasure. (it takes about 30-40mins a day). Sold everything at the end of the month as everything gets reset. and only made $3.


    my time is better spent elsewhere. 😀

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