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Earnsanity | Questions & Feedback

Hey everyone!

After our recent [Giveaway]( with r/beermoney, we’ve decided to create this thread dedicated to Answering your Questions & Feedback towards [Earnsanity.](Https://

If you have any questions, or would like to give feedback about the website, Please do so here and we’ll make sure to respond to every single one of your questions.

Happy Earning everyone.


24 thoughts on “Earnsanity | Questions & Feedback

  1. Are there any location restrictions, i.e. US only, or is the site available worldwide?

    Also what are the minimum cash outs for each reward?

    How can I earn money? Sitting there and getting DQ’ed from surveys isn’t exactly fun and I’m getting tired of GPT sites having these surveys as their best method of earning.

    1. Hey there!

      The website is global and works worldwide With no GEO restrictions. However, some offerwalls might restrict their offers to certain countries only.


      You can earn through various methods:

      a) Offerwall tasks.

      b) Watching Videos

      c) Doing bonus tasks (such as making a video on the site to claim $0.50

      d) Claiming Your daily bonuses


      Hope this cleared things up.

      1. How much is the daily bonus worth and what do we have to do to get it?

        Also any word on the cash out minimums?

    1. It says that you have to signup and earn $3.50 to complete the offer, not that you earn $3.50 for signing up. It’s a requirement in order to get the 56,000G on their site.

      1. I earned 0. My twitter acct is associated with a different email though and I’m sure that’s the issue. How can we resolve this? PM or email support? Thanks

        1. Send a ticket to []( and they will assist you further With this issue!

  2. It says on your website that you can be completely AFK while watching videos. ” Watch Videos 24/7
    and Earn while being AFK. ” I used it but it isn’t AFK and you still need to click on certain buttons after each video. It does not autoplay. Is this an issue that needs to be fixed?

  3. What offer walls does your site host ? There have been so many new sites lately I’m not sure if I tried yours or not

  4. How do we verify Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel’s offer? I downloaded their software/meter but I haven’t received any points yet.

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