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Experiencing a lot of trouble with instagc, cant withdraw or chat

Ive been using instagc since 2015 so yeah Ive used it for a little while.

Mid March I redeemed for some ethereum. It was marked as delivered but I didnt have anything so I waited. 36 hours later I sent a support ticket. I got help very quickly was told there was an error on their end and I got my points refunded which I immediately redeemed for ethereum in addition with the other points I had acquired in that time. Problem solved quick and easy. But the ticket wasnt marked as closed but as ” On Hold – Awaiting Review” rather. I just thought whatever, I know its resolved.

Jump to the end of March. I try to redeem for PayPal because its the end of the month, as everyone does. I [get this message saying “You currently do not have access to redeem this reward. Please contact us for further assistance.”]( I just think whatever, its the end of the month, theyre probably overloaded. I wait a few hours and try again. Same thing. I send a support ticket. I get a reply saying that this ticket is a duplicate of my previous ticket. Ok? How is an error while sending etherum the same as straight up denying me PayPal? I was told to update my previous ticket or wait for a response. Well I had already received and redeemed those points and support confirmed that so I thought theyd just forgotten about it and would close it soon.

So I spent all of April earning. Last day of April, try to redeem again. Same message. I sent another support ticket. I say I got this message, how I got it last month and how the message I got on my last ticket was irrelevant because they werent related. I get told again that this issue is related and to update my first ticket. So I go back to that ticket and say it can be closed. Waited over a day, say that the issue has been resolved and the ticket can be closed. Its been about 33 hours since the first time I updated it and no response.

So I try to used the chatbox to maybe get some help from a mod but instead I get a message saying [“Your account is currently under review and therefore chat has been temporarily blocked.”](

So in short support is unresponsive and I am unable to use chat because my account is under review and it probably all stems from my first support ticket that wasnt marked as closed. I am rather impatient as I have 1 and a half months of work in points that I cant redeem

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  1. r/InstaGC/ is InstaGC’s sub. Probably get more help there. /u/dayosllc is the owner of instaGC and active on that sub.

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