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Fetchrewards receipt scanning

Fetchrewards is an app that lets you scan your grocery receipts for points that you can later redeem for gift cards. The point system isn’t quite as good as it used to be, but it is still good passive income. I make about $15 a month from them. You can redeem for any gift card, they offer cards for various different retailers. They also offer Visa and MasterCard cards for a larger amount of points as well.
It takes 3,000 points for a $3 gift card, so it’s $1 per 1000 points. To me, it’s better than Checkout 51 or iBotta, but coupled with them both, my grocery shopping has really paid off.
If you sign up using my referral code and scan a receipt, we each get 1500 points so half of what you need for a $3 card. You could buy one of their promoted items and have the $3 tomorrow. Pretty easy, passive money for doing what you already do!
My code is A2MGD

12 thoughts on “Fetchrewards receipt scanning

  1. already use them, they aren’t bad. but in general it’s just filler mark for a monthly report.

    sidenote: i’d probably make “more” if i had a shopping addiction or some shit. but only time i have receipt’s to scan are from either my own grocery runs (highest points i got was 1,099 from a 85 dollar grocery run) or if a roommate does their own runs and i have them hand over their receipt.

    how long do they take to send a gift card?

      1. Why do you talk so badly about every single app here. Yeah they’re not great but if we choose to use them then that’s our problem.

        1. i don’t care what you (or anyone else) chooses to use. just providing my honest assessment. i’m sorry you are so offended by that. pucker up buttercup 🙂

  2. waste of time, they don’t pay squat and their receipt scanning is the worst i’ve ever seen. i’m not “correcting my receipt” for 2 pennies every time. they were fine when brand new, before they got spammed for referrals around here. went to shit very quickly and quite predictably.

    1. I totally disagree. It was a lot better in the beginning, but I still make about 500 points per receipt. I grocery shop quite often, so it adds up pretty quickly for me. If you buy the things that they promote, you can easily make $5 off the receipt. Beer is one of the things they heavily promote and if you’re already buying beer, why not make $3 back off of it?

      1. right, but unless you are purchasing the small list of products they have offered, you aren’t getting squat. i don’t buy kraft products. as for the booze, sure, i agree…but the offers are always on the low end skank water like coors or miller which no one should drink to begin with, let alone for a few pennies in points.

        1. They offer decent bonus points for certain brands, not just their weekly promotions. I don’t mind getting any amount of money back for products that I regularly buy anyways, but to each and their own.

  3. Just started with it last week. I like using it in combo with coupons and Ibotta. I had two or three receipts for 500 points then the rest only got 25 points, plus 22-46 points for every brand they advertise.

    1. Yeah, I wish they’d offer more points like they originally did but, it isn’t bad making any amount of money back of what you already were spending. Especially coupled with the other receipt scanning apps. One time, I went a few weeks without scanning a receipt and they randomly gave me 2,000 points just to come back.

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