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Finally reached 100k points on Prizerebel. For anyone looking for a good consistent and easy GPT sites. Prizerebel is such a go to. 1000= 10$

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    1. Full grinding should take you about 2 months. If you make 2k points a day. Took me 3 because of work. There are guys who do it in less than 2.

        1. I remember i wanted to go out with my friends on a friday but had no money for drinks and food. I did 2-3k per day until friday lol.

        1. Complete luck. Took me 4 hours on a good day. On a bad day it took me 8-10. On a regular day it took me 6-8 (3 hours in the morning – 3 -4 hours at night)

    1. They offer less ways to earn than insta, grinda, and keep rewarding and there pay is a touch lower but not much. I’ve made a lot on prize rebel over the years but the past year or better they have been limiting there offer walls drastically. There version of the walls they host is much smaller than even instagc’s versions are even smaller when compared to grindabuck..

      It is an honest legit site but they lack the ways to earn that other too sites have.

      1. Which offerwalls are you comparing? I would be happy to take a look and see why we don’t have some of the offers that other sites may have. Feel free to PM me.

        1. All of your walls are severly censored , you and I have had this discussion before in the past and you told me that it was by choice and your site deems certain offers high risk and that’s why you have the smaller versions. You also told me that due to fraud your site was leaning more towards surveys and studies rather than offers.

          1. I just want to clear this up as that is not 100% true and I apologize if I was unclear previously. Yes, there are some credit card offers that we block if they have a high chance of fraud/reversals however that is very rare. We DO NOT intentionally limit offers on any of our offerwalls. If there are limitations, it is set by the actual offerwall partner aka Trialpay, Peanutlabs etc.

          2. You should really check with the walls then because the versions you have are extremely limited. Your peanut labs is less than half the size of instagc or grindabuck and your other walls are comparably smaller also.

          3. Thank you. We’ll take a look and see if there’s anything we can do to increase the amount of offers. Appreciate the feedback and the examples!

          1. which I don’t. I use it for purely surveys. I don’t have time for offerwalls. Which has definitely got those 2 sites beat on.

  1. I’ve only been on prizerebel for a few months and earned over 400 points = $400 with prizerebel one of the best sites out there to get paid quickly

      1. I’m a disabled veteran so I have alot of time on my hands. If I really grind it out just with surveys I’m making at least $10 a hour. I can make at least $20 a day if needed.

  2. I agree! Prizerebel is a very good site. I have over 88k lifetime points but I do not see how you make 2-3k points a day. Could you share your methods/what offers/surveys you do? Thanks

    1. What I meant was for people who are starting out in PR, so yes generally 1k=10$ when you gain levels yes it gradually decreases over time until you hit diamond.

      1. I had just reached gold rank, but then their website updated to it’s current UI and suddenly I was back to silver. I messaged them and pleaded but they said I’d have to meet the new requirements for gold which would have me start all the way over. I told them to fuck off and delete my account because I wasn’t starting over.

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