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FluidStack and PacketStream

Anyone have success with these? I’m using both right now but only made a few cents in the last week with a 1gbps symmetrical connection.

Is making $10/mo between both of them a reasonable expectation?

Thanks in advance, love this sub!

8 thoughts on “FluidStack and PacketStream

  1. i think 10 bucks is too much unless the service really picks up. but since you have a very good connection (google fiber?) it doesn’t hurt to use it

    1. Well, how about $5 between both of them?

      Not Google Fiber, it’s MidCo Communications biz class. A few dozen miles from me they offer 10gbps symmetrical connections…

      1. it’s impossible to determine the amount since whatever you get is due to demand of the service. no demand, no coin.

        i have been stuck on 26 cents for a week so i don’t try often

        1. I’ve left mine running as a VM for a few weeks now and am close to $5, but as you said, it’s slowed way down… No demand.

  2. > only made a few cents in the last week

    > Is making $10/mo … a reasonable expectation?

    Nope, not after reading that!

    When packetstream first announced here, I saw some people reporting over $1.00 their first day, but then lately it seems like no one is saying anything positive about either service.

    They are both relatively new and apparently still have a lot of work to do in terms of getting paying users on board, but at this point I’d say there isn’t any amount that would qualify as a reasonable expectation.

  3. At the time when I joined in the Packetstrean beta was only advertised within r/beermoneyglobal as far as I’m aware, so at the time even if demand is low supply was also low, which made it possible for me to hit the $5 withdrawal minimum within 3 days with a 100mbps connection.

    Days later the beta was expanded to r/beermoney, which means that while demand stays relatively constant supply inflated. Much more people offering bandwidth, the likelihood that you get to share bandwidth falls. No idea how much further the beta’s been expanded, but ever since then the earnings have slowed to a crawl because demand isn’t catching up w the supply increase. Ran it for 2 weeks and it’s still stuck at $0.26 for me.

    At least, that’s my understanding of it. Early in the beta $10/month would’ve been very easy, but not anymore.

    I’ve never used fluidstack so I won’t know how it’s like over there.

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