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Free $5 Lowe’s Gift Card from Bitmo

Received an email from Bitmo today.


Bitmo is giving away free $5 Lowe’s gift cards. Here’s the deal:

* Log in and tap “account”
* Enter promo code **LOWES19**
* Spend your promo gift card*

*Limit 1 while supplies last. Promo gift cards expire 8/15/19

I’m not sure if these will actually *expire* but they might be hidden from the app if not spent by 8/15/19. If you wanted to use this in the future you might be able to make a note or take a screenshot of the card number (16 digits) and the pin (4 digits), and use it at a later point without the barcode in the app. If they do expire, you do risk losing out if you don’t use it by the 15th, regardless.

If you’re not interested in using it before the 15th or you don’t want to risk it expiring on the 15th, you can always attempt to sell these on /r/GCX. **NOTE: If you try to sell on GCX, make sure you mention it expires on 8/15/19!**

# About [Bitmo](

Bitmo has been posted about on this subreddit multiple times in the past with various promotions. You currently can get a $5 gift card for downloading the app and signing up, but it does require a friend to invite you via phone number.

The app is mainly a basic gift card buying app where you can purchase and send gift cards to friends (or yourself) directly in the app.

# Conclusion

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this and they’ve actually done many promos like this. I don’t have any DPs as to whether or not these will expire or what happens on the 15th, anyone who participated in this promo the last time they did it, please share if you know what happens.

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