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Free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream today (4/9, noon-8pm)

Today is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s, so if you go in to a scoop shop between noon and 8 PM today you’ll get free ice cream! Depending on where you are the lines can get kind of long, but if you’ve got the time and a friend to go with it can be a fun experience.

Official announcement:

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16 thoughts on “Free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream today (4/9, noon-8pm)

    1. That’s fair; I’ll retest all of them before my next post to ensure they’re all fresher than the free ice cream people are getting today.

    1. Use the announcement link in the OP, there’s a shop locator to find one close to you. Sadly no shops less than an hour away from me, which is too far for a scoop for me.

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