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Free GreenDot Card Alternative?

I’m trying to find alternative ways to load PayPal onto a card (Not PayPal Debit, and my bank won’t work on PayPal). GreenDot was able to do this as they give a routing and account number with your card, the only problem is that I don’t want to keep up with the $6 Monthly fee.

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    Okay, I heard about their [My Cash program](, but it’s also like $5. Same as GreenDot, I think, you go buy the card at local stores, then punch in the code on PC. But, since it’s $5, and I only have $15, it’s not even worth it for me to try to go out there to pick one up.

    Lemme know what you hear.

  2. besides the fee part, all i’ve ever heard about green ~~mole~~ dot is that the customer service is quote “the drizzling shits”.

      1. Odd…If I were you, I’d contact PayPal to inquire why &/or how to rectify the situation (unless you suspect that would bring, uh-hum, unwanted attention to your account).

          1. Dang, sorry to hear that…and not unusual for PayPal’s customer service from all the reports I’ve read, but it’s always worth a shot.

            If you’re at an impasse with PayPal, I’d second the advice of /u/Mikazah.

  3. There are Android apps that let you open an online bank account right on your phone. My favorite is simple banking. Chime is another good one

      1. Simple or Chime either one are fee free and work with PayPal. Both will also verify your PayPal if need be.

    1. Didn’t even know a PayPal prepaid card existed. I ordered one and I’ll try it.

      Edit: I could put funds on the card, go to an ATM, get the cash, and put the cash in my regular bank. (Just explaining to the people who want to know how’d I use it)

  4. American Express Serve cards have no fee when you have at least one direct deposit a month (includes paypal transfers as such). The only problem is that a lot of places/webstores won’t take Amex because of processing fees.

  5. Not sure if you mean to load or withdrawal but you could always sign up for a free online bank Like [Simple]( link to the website (no referral system or bonuses).

    Has a routing and account number and you can link the accounts right after making it. (Just have to wait on the deposits.) They’ll send you a debit card and they don’t have a monthly fee. I’m not sure about a minimum balance though but I haven’t noticed one in the time I’ve used them.

    1. I second the card. That’s what I use with my PayPal account. Works great, and no fees, and no minimum balance. The only catch is that you realistically get no interest on your account balance.

    1. I have a Bluebird card, and it will not work with PayPal.

      /u/white_android’s Simple suggestion is actually what I use. No fees and no minimum balance.

  6. Capital One 360 has no fees whatsoever, totally online, and if you need to deposit a check, just take a photo of it.

    Had it over a year now, and never paid a fee.. The only mail I’ve ever received was my actual card.

  7. Chime online virtual bank and simple online virtual bank are what you want. Both are fee free and both will verify a PayPal account. They also both can be used as a regular bank account for direct deposit.

  8. A few things I can think of:

    1. You could buy a prepaid visa card on a site that supports PayPal (such as Walmart). You loose some money in the conversion though, so if you’re doing more than ~$100+/month it’d probably end up costing more.

    2. You could open a secondary bank account and link it to PayPal then either get a card for that account, or transfer the money to your main bank account (I do this, only for savings instead of spending money)

    I think there was also a post on nerdwallet about prepaid cards. You could try to find that article and see if anything mentions supporting PayPal.

    Edit: A word.

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