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Free Schofferhofer Beer

If you have the Checkout 51 app, check for a $8.99 cashback offer for a 6 pack of Schofferhofer beer. I haven’t been able to reach my $20 cash out minimum for a long time so this helped with that.

9 thoughts on “Free Schofferhofer Beer

  1. Be sure to circle the item on your receipt, they have one of the pickest systems out there. They denied mine and I had to re-submit.

    1. At a Kroger in Ohio. As someone mentioned, I believe you have to be in a state that sells alcohol at grocery stores as Checkout 51 only allows receipts from select retailers.

      1. Thank you! Our grocery stores just started selling full strength beer on the first of the year and we have Kroger’s (King Soopers) here. I will look!

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