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(fun trivia post) Cost of Swago: 446 new cookies

I did a little test just out of curiosity while doing the latest Swago on Swagbucks.

I use a cookie manager extension on Chrome so the data for this was relatively easy to collect.

I recorded the number of cookies my browser had before and immediately after doing Swago.

As it turns out, 10-12 mins of clicking on those silly boxes added 446 new cookies to my browser.

So now I have over 1200 cookies, some of them belonging to sites I visit regularly and some I will never visit again.

Of course the personal data these cookies are transmitting about me is of concern. Thankfully the aforementioned cookie manager can also save/delete sets of cookies and that is exactly what I use it for.

I had saved my cookies prior to starting on Swago knowing full well that I was going to get bombarded with new cookies. After finishing it, instead of trying to hunt down those extra 446 cookies, I deleted all cookies at once and restored the previous set I had saved an hour ago. This way I didn’t lose any of my logins and survey info.

Thought some of you might just get a kick out of learning about this. 🙂

7 thoughts on “(fun trivia post) Cost of Swago: 446 new cookies

    1. Some time ago I tested that idea, didn’t work out well in my case.

      As I understand it you need to be logged into Swagbucks in order to get the Swago credits. Swagbucks needs to “see” that you have actually visited the site and I suspect part of their verification process involves cookies.

      I would be interested in hearing if anyone managed to get their Swago credits by clicking those links in incognito mode.

  1. yeah i noticed the huge spikes as well. for me this was a first go around with that swago stuff.

    i would’ve went with the full board. but i’m not doing that middle one and spending $50 in gift cards lol

    1. I usually get between 5-15 SB points from Swagos. I noticed in the last one they had 3 strategically placed boxes that pretty much eliminated all higher paying rewards if you were not buying anything.

      The whole Swago set up and most other offers on that site are all thinly veiled strategies to get you to spend money on one thing or another.

      I don’t mind filling out surveys, or visiting sponsoring sites to qualify for those boxes but as soon as I am asked to register with credit card info, or spend money on anything, I stop.

      1. i’d of been fine with purchasing something that’s literally a dollar. because i can probably use a debit with the exact amount pre-loaded. but overall i can see exactly what you mean.

        it didn’t take me long to find out there method either for this last board. which is fine, since i can get far more then the max $2 for a completed board.

        soon as i spotted that middle box i kind of smirked. we get two dollars and some affiliate gift card site gets fifty? pft.

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