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(fun trivia post) Cost of Swago: 446 new cookies

I did a little test just out of curiosity while doing the latest Swago on Swagbucks.

I use a cookie manager extension on Chrome so the data for this was relatively easy to collect.

I recorded the number of cookies my browser had before and immediately after doing Swago.

As it turns out, 10-12 mins of clicking on those silly boxes added 446 new cookies to my browser.

So now I have over 1200 cookies, some of them belonging to sites I visit regularly and some I will never visit again.

Of course the personal data these cookies are transmitting about me is of concern. Thankfully the aforementioned cookie manager can also save/delete sets of cookies and that is exactly what I use it for.

I had saved my cookies prior to starting on Swago knowing full well that I was going to get bombarded with new cookies. After finishing it, instead of trying to hunt down those extra 446 cookies, I deleted all cookies at once and restored the previous set I had saved an hour ago. This way I didn’t lose any of my logins and survey info.

Thought some of you might just get a kick out of learning about this. 🙂

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