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Get paid $50 to have someone else walk your dog for free with Wag! [Drop Offers]

Check your Drop app for an offer for 50,000 points for using Wag to have someone walk your dog for free (first walk is free).

Here’s the official offer:

# Order top rated dog walkers instantly!

Get 50,000 Drop points when you try Wag! by redeeming your first walk for FREE. Wag! lets you order top rated & local dog walkers to your door instantly. Your pup’s 1st walk is FREE!

Drop has partnered with Wag! to help you find top rated & local dog walkers for your pup. Wag! dog walkers are experiences (experienced?), Wag! Certified & thoroughly screened. All walkers are insured & bonded as well!

All walks are private so only your pup is included! You can also track your pup’s walk with LIVE GPS from your app.


– Points will be awarded after the member’s FREE walk.

– Member must be a new Wag customer to be elegible.

– Member must sign-up through the link to be elegible.


There’s also T&C on the app if you care to read.

I actually recently did this offer elsewhere (for just $24) and it didn’t credit for me. Historically Drop’s support has been hit or miss for these types of things (TB to the horrid wealthsimple issues…) But I can confirm that this service is fucking awesome. I called a dog walker at 11:30 PM and someone came to walk my dog at midnight…. what the hell?

It’s actually free too, no CC even entered. Feels good to take this offer… Someone’s still getting paid to walk your doggo and you get a bonus.

58 thoughts on “Get paid $50 to have someone else walk your dog for free with Wag! [Drop Offers]

    1. Scary click of the day… I don’t want to be too negative in this comment, but I’m actually happy/shocked that the number of ‘pups lost’ is only 4 in 3 years. When I first heard of this app I instantly though, “jesus so many dogs are going to die/go missing” and I’m shocked the count is actually this low.

      1. Shiiiiit, Wag loses about four dogs a month for the last couple of years. Google this. Wag loses dog.

        I would be heartbroken if I was either a walker or an owner that used Wag. Take a very close look at this before either using the service or walking for them!

      2. in my hometown, animal theft has decades of sad tradition. but not many people know about Wag or any similar app, if they did i can see some of the towns less than finest pulling shit like that.

    1. I used wag. You probably could ask but they might not want to do that incase Wag! staff see it and tell them they’re fired for doing a shitty walk.

        1. It’d be better to ask the Walker to just do the walk without the dog. They are tracked by gps on the app. Tell them that you’ll rate them high and they probably won’t mind. They will need to take a picture of your dog at the end of the walk though too. It’s required for their report.

        2. So I scheduled a walk at 6P Tuesday and that morning I received a text stating that the dog walker had cancelled but Wag was working on setting me up with someone else. A few minutes later another text came in saying that I was matched with another walker. At 6p the dog walker arrived and took my dog around 2 blocks, promptly returning within 30 minutes. It was a great experience but I actually like walking my dog…so now I’ll wait for those Drop points.

      1. Thanks for the info. So I generally walk around my block which is 15 minutes. Does this mean the walker will take a longer route to fill the entire 30 mins?

      2. How well are you paid? I work for a kennel and help the vet techs in the attached hospital so I’m pretty comfortable with animals. I have passed the video quizzes and all for wag…figured I’d pick it up as a spare job like I did with door dash, uber, postmates and instacart…I love animals and on a regular split shift will walk about 60 dogs a day. I live in a sort of uppity area in my state, downtown (about a 20 minute drive from my house) is full of hipsters and tech transplants from bigger cities like NYC or from silicon valley(my city is on the list for Amazon’s HQ2..we already have IBM, SAS, redhat among others here) and all the section 8s have been gentrified and pushed out into the surrounding counties, so im assuming there’s definitely the potential for a lot of clientele that have more money than free time, just from seeing how much people pay for really bullshit services at the kennel i work for.

        1. I walked Wag for almost a year (it was great in the beginning but then got over saturated with too many walkers in NYC), IIRC the walker gets paid $9 for a potty break, $12 for a half hour walk, and $18 for an hour walk.

        2. Hey, I don’t know much about Wag, but I sit on [Rover]( [(non-ref)]( which is a similar platform.

          A few things I like about Rover that you can’t do on Wag: offer multiple services and the ability to set your own rates. I charge $40 a night for overnights, $15 for a 30-minute drop-in visit, and $18 for a 30-minute walk, which is pretty standard for my current area. When I lived in a tourist-dense area, I charged $5-20 dollars more per service.

          Payment [(proof)]( is via Paypal 48 hours after your booking is complete. They do take 20% to cover their fees and insurance in case something goes wrong. Worth it for the number of bookings and rebookings I’ve received.

          1. Some of my coworkers bring in random dogs all the time to board overnight. I bet they’re using rover! Sneaky bastards..

      3. How do you guys handle dogs that don’t walk very well? Mine gets scared when cars pass and will pull until it’s a bit away and then he’ll be alright to start walking until another car comes. Honest question since you work there and my dog’s kind of sketchy. Super nice but fearful.

        1. I walked an exceptionally difficult dog. Like clearly stuck in its pattern and when I tried to take it somewhere else to fill the time, it dragged me home and I tried to carry it on the walk/ and it didn’t like that either!

          We report it to our help desk and they will credit you back for the difference and also alert you. The walker still gets paid but it’s slightly less IIRC.

        2. for many dogs, regular exposure helps reduce their fear, as long as they not only know they are safe, but you are comforting them or otherwise NOT acting negatively.

          There are some dogs that have extreme fears, just like people, and there isn’t much you can do about that; try walking the dog where traffic is farther away – I realize that isn’t possible for everyone; I lived in Philadelphia much of my life, and I know that for many people, buildings and streets are pretty much all that’s available.

          1. I know. Why do you think I was asking about how this Wag company handles it? To torture him?

            The dog’s 4. He’s been like this since he was just over 1. I know what caused it (UPS trucks backfiring near us, two times in two days, dumb ‘luck’). I’ve yet to be able to condition it out of him. He doesn’t care about treats so there’s no real ‘motivating’ him. He loves to play fetch outside but everywhere is leash only by law here and that means I have to drive him to dog playgrounds in the middle of the woods away from cars, so it’s not productive towards his fear. He loves new people though so I thought a dog walker might excite him enough to get him more exposure and the hopefully have the excitement outweigh the fear, but wanted to know what their policy was for if this occurred.

            Thanks for the kind nature of your post though.

          2. I do not think you meant any type of torture at all – your post gave no indication that you had any ill will, it only suggests that you are legitimately concerned for your dog. Which makes sense, since he’s obviously part of your family.

            I can’t begin to guess how to overcome a fear from a loud noise like a truck backfiring/fireworks – I only know how best to provide for when you know such a situation would happen; provide a covered den where they can escape even your own attention. Obviously that’s completely useless during a walk.

    1. Drop offers usually go out in ‘blasts’ from my past experience. One of these days you’ll get a notification saying ‘We got some spicy offers!’ and you’ll likely get it.

    1. I don’t really think this is going to stack for you, sadly. It’s limited 1 per wag user.

      Right now Drop has the highest payout for the offer by far, but I’m willing to bet that Swagbucks will see a match of this offer in the near future, or even a slightly higher payout than Drop. Depends on how patient you are.

  1. I did this about a month ago, was very easy, but got annoying with the Wag team constantly emailing me, texting me, or sending me notifications on the app. Every once and a while it seems they offer extra free walks (I got a text saying a nearby walker REALLY wants to walk a Golden today and they would comp my walk for him/her, which kind of weirded me out). I’m holding onto the points hoping that sometime soon, Drop will get better payout options.

    1. Drop does have a lot of gift card choices, but yeah I could see how it would be much better if they did have PayPal/Cryptos. I would actually recommend not holding points because if I were to bet on the future of Drop, they’ll likely be removing payout options before they add them. Maybe they’ll devalue points in the future, or just remove the good gift cards and leave shit behind.

      Also, I have a cousin who *loves* walking dogs and she absolutely loves walking with Wag!, so I guess she would REALLY want to walk a Golden today :).

      Easy way to stop texts should be to send “stop”. It usually works for most services.

    2. I tried to do this when they first offered the Drop points, but Wag isn’t in my area yet. They apparently don’t know this, because they keep emailing me several times a week asking me to book a walk. I’ll stick to Rover.

      1. Yeah it got really annoying. Probably three app notifications a day until I turned those off, one text message a day that they switched numbers on a few different times, and so many e-mails. After my first walk, they decided to mail me their free key lockbox that goes on the doorhandle, but I don’t really plan on using Wag again and it feels like a big time waste.

    3. There wasn’t a walker in your area desperate to walk a Golden. Wag doesn’t ask their walkers if they want to walk a specific type of dog, they just show you a list of dogs in a certain waiting for walks, so you pick which ones you could potentially take and wait for the owner to approve your request.

      Source: am a Wag walker.

      1. Do the walkers get paid less when they perform a free/discounted walk? I remember reading reviews on Glassdoor that the walker gets 60% of whatever the cuatomer pays, and if it is a free walk, the walker gets nothing unless the customer tips.

  2. Is there an age requirement to sign up with Drop? I’m underage, but have a debit card as well as a bank account.

    I’ve looked through the FAQs and Terms and haven’t found anything.

    1. Ummmm I think 13 is the age requirement, but it might be an unwritten 18. If you an get in, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be okay 🙂

  3. Interesting, I had never heard of this service.

    I guess Wag is another example of how we are slowly shifting into a “gig” economy.

    1. I think my walk was a Tuesday night and my account was credited by Thursday morning. It was a really fast turnaround.

  4. I would be very hesitant if you have a popular/rare breed, like pugs and other pure breeds. My chi/pug has been commented on so much I’d be worried about people taking her, tbh.

  5. Everyone in my development has dogs. Townhouses and condos. Can you choose which dogs? Some are pretty big and I don’t think I’d want to risk them pulling me around, I’m not that big. 🙂

    1. I know with Rover, you can deny a request for any reason. I’ve only had to do it once, because the owner gave me “icky” vibes at the meet and greet. My number one suggestion if you’re considering something like this would be to meet the dog and owner beforehand!

  6. That makes no fucking sense, how does that company make money if they pay you to work for them? This sounds really fucking shady, i don’t have a dog, but i wouldn’t trust them with it….

    They’re probably a bunch of beastophiles or something…

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