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Gigwalk review (Android/Apple)

Gigwalk is an app that lets you do “gigs” or short work for x amount of dollars. There are other apps like this but IMO this one is the best bang for your buck. First I’ll give you a general overview of the app.

You sign up, link your paypal (only way to get paid), fill out your info and now you are ready. There is nothing crazy in terms of info. You can literally start working today. There isn’t much else in terms of the app, its pretty straight forward. It is a bit weird at times and this can work against you. I’ll get into that later. But onto the pros….


1. There are generally 4-6 types of gigs in an area. Taking pictures of a house for insurance purposes (perfectly legal), going to a grocery store and double checking their prices on produce and the weight, going to a business and seeing if they have product A and taking some pictures of it, and misc other things that come up from time to time. All of those are incredibly easy and are usually priced accordingly. Prices vary all the time but generally speaking pictures of a house will get you paid between 3 and 10 dollars, going to a grocery store will get you between 15 and 75, and going to a business is around 5-10. Usually the higher priced gigs will take you a little while (30 or so minutes) to finish, while snapping a pic of a house takes 5 minutes.

2. You can do multiple gigs in a day even in an hour. On Thursday for example I was on the other side of the state and from work driving back home I did 5 gigs in the process of driving home. Of course these were on my way home, I didn’t drive out of my way to do any of these.

3. Like I said in number 1 it is super easy money, I mean take a picture of a house how hard can it be? they need left side, front, right side, mailbox. You can’t be on their property so taking from the street is fine and as long as your car isn’t in the picture you are fine.

4. Payout is straight to your paypal, there is no holding your money and asking for it later, you get paid the day they approve it. Simple as that


1. It can take some time for some gigs to get approved once you finish them. Usually within a week or 2 tops. I had one go a little past 2 weeks but it is really rare. Usually I’d say 2-5 business days (mon-fri) is the average turnaround for me to get paid.

2. They can be SUPER SUPER picky at times! Example, I had misread one of the instructions and missed a picture with a promotional banner in it. It was viewable on another pic I sent in but it wasn’t included in that specific step. Instead of letting me upload the picture to the other pic to that step they wanted me to drive all the way down to the store (40 mins away) to snap literally the same picture they already had. They ended up removing me from that gig and I lost the money I could have had.

3. Sometimes the app gets a bit weird and freaks out on you. I drove to a gig, got out of my car and the app would NOT start for me it kept crashing. I ended up rebooting my phone and that solved it but there was definitely a few minutes of panic. Sometimes when doing a gig the upload is slow. And you have to be within a mile radius of the gig so sometimes it gets a bit weird.

4. Every now and then you deal with just weird people who don’t understand what you are doing. Thankfully almost everyone I’ve run into was nice and 0 issues but I did have a run in with someone recently over taking pictures of a house. It wasn’t even their house nor their neighborhood. They just wanted to know what I was doing and why. I simply stated I was taking pictures for insurance purposes and I don’t have to inform the owner at all as I’m not on their property. She couldn’t understand it but I had already finished my pics and just left. There is nothing illegal about it and if the police were to come you can simply show them the app which tells them exactly what you are doing.


1. Do NOT bite off more then you can chew! it is easy to be like oh I’m gonna grab all of these gigs. Gigs take time, driving there, etc etc. It is very easy to go overboard and submit crappy work which you don’t want to do. Crappy work equals crappy score or have to redo it. If you are redoing a gig more then once then this job isn’t for you!

2. Check back often! I’d even go as far to say twice a day. Every place is different so its hard to judge how it will be in your area. In my area there is around 40-50 gigs (through the entire state) and I’m probably within a 2-5 mile radius of 20 easily. But when I went up to Upstate new york with family there was like 3 gigs in a 75 mile radius. So it is definitely a your milage will vary.

3. They don’t care if its raining,snowing,etc. So if you snap pics of a house in the pouring rain. Cool! You will get paid if it fits their needs. But weather has no effect.

4. Start off with small gigs before jumping on gigs that are a big amount. There is nothing against it and you can totally do only big amount gigs. My mom does this, she will only do gigs that are $15 and higher. But I feel its easier just doing what is next to you. Sure I’m not gonna drive 10 miles for 3 dollars but you are sure as shit I’ll drive 10 miles for 26 dollars for doing 5 gigs.

In closing, is it a good app? IMO yes, will you get rich from it? course not, but its beermoney worthy depending on your location, Mine happens to be fairly decent. July I scored over $200 bucks, last month I was on pace to break it again but someone hit my car and took off so without a car kinda makes it impossible but I ended with a very nice $156

5 thoughts on “Gigwalk review (Android/Apple)

  1. Hey thanks for this. I tried a similar app in the past (don’t remember the name), and it never had any tasks nearby. I just downloaded this, and found a couple within a few miles of me.

  2. Seems to be rather geographically limited. Despite being in a metropolitan area with over a million people, the closest gig to me is 80 miles away. That’s a bit far for 3 bucks. Another has a list of like 20 different things to do in a small store, for 5 bucks. So, it seems your effort and mileage varies greatly. I’m going to keep checking it, to see what else turns up.

    1. Correct, for example another like app (cant recall the name) has nothing in my area but my buddy 3 states over makes 40ish a month

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