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[Giveaway] Reward XP v1 $150 Launch Giveaway

# About [Reward XP]( v1 Giveaway:

After 4 1/2 months in beta we’ve officially released v1 of Reward XP and wanted to celebrate with a $150 giveaway!

* **(15) people will win a $10 Amazon gift certificate!** See requirements below.
* The top (3) answers – chosen by Reward XP staff – will be featured in our Discord #contests channel. Those people will receive a special “Contest Winner” Discord role and 50,000 XP added to their account.


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# Website Overview for [Reward XP](

## Basics

* 10,000 XP = $1 US DOLLAR.
* Referral system credits 5% of what others redeem for life; referred member gets 5000 XP signup bonus.
* Support through knowledgebase/ticketing system and Discord.
* Interface designed for desktop and mobile.


## Offers

* Offerwalls include AdGate, Adscend, OfferToro, Your Surveys *($1 per survey)*, SaySoRewards, Hideout.TV *(.085 per 3 ads)*, Adgem *(redeploying Q3 2019)*.
* Our own custom survey router, [XPSurveys](, is in development with a beta scheduled for October/November.


## Rewards

* Rewards & payout minimums: Robux ($.80), PayPal ($5), Bitcoin ($5), ($5), Riot Points ($5), Steam ($10).
* Zero fees!
* Global Amazon stores will be added in 2020.


# What’s Next?

* Automated payments, revamped leveling system, custom survey router [XPSurveys](, and other features with the help of our community feedback!
* Come join our Discord for insider info and hear what’s planned for the 2nd half of 2019.


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# Requirements:

You must have posted in /r/beermoney prior to this post and within the last 6 months. [Click here to check your recent activity.]( To enter, leave a top level comment below. To ensure that we can accurately choose a random winner, please do not post replies or discuss Reward XP below. Make a new thread if you would like to discuss Reward XP.

## Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on July 15th, 2019



# Leave a top level comment below about your most rewarding gaming experience to enter this giveaway!

## Winners are chosen randomly with a script that was written for our giveaways and verified by /r/beermoney mods. After the giveaway ends, a new post will be made naming the winners for this giveaway.

152 thoughts on “[Giveaway] Reward XP v1 $150 Launch Giveaway

  1. Anyone is welcome to enter but the prizes are $10 Amazon US gift cards so if you’re outside the US then you are welcome to sell them at /r/giftcardexchange or other places.

  2. Back in high school I was dating this girl and she would come over when my parents weren’t there. We would start up Mario Kart 64, play for 10 minutes, then pause the game and fool around. I thought I was so clever and didn’t think my parents would catch on because hey, we were right in the middle of Mario Kart when they would come home. We were, uh, playing the whole time!

  3. To be honest I can’t exaclty say what’s my best gaming experience was.

    I’ve been gaming since I was 10 so there were many experiences.
    I probably would go for “League of Legends” or “Rocket League”

    In League I’m always experiencing this feeling of improvement and this need to be better than others. I really like that.

    In Rocket League I’m really enjoying this “grinding” experience.
    You really feel how you get better and better by every single game. That’s amazing and I love it.

    Good luck to all. ^^

    1. My friends and I played LoL together during beta for about a year. We had lots of good fun staying up to 1am on a work night talking over Skype tryharding 5v5s.

  4. I don’t game but my 13 year old with asd does. He struggles with maintaining friendships and gaming has helped him open up more. He also struggled with some fine motor skills when younger, which made gaming quite difficult. As he got older he practiced and his hand eye coordination strengthened and I 100% believe video games had an impact on this.

      1. Yes! They get a bad reputation but there are so many benefits! I wrote a six page paper on the benefits of video games for kids. They help with spatial awareness, social issues and many more!

        Thanks for this link! I am going to look into it! One thing I will say is my son struggles with friends and I am ALWAYS looking for groups like this!

          1. Ok that first link is awesome! Thank you so much. I honestly would have never known these existed if you didn’t share these with me! Wow! Thanks so much. Sometimes I feel the only way I can personally connect with him is when we play games together especially because he has such a hard time sitting still but he can hyper focus when it comes to his games. Thank you so much! I appreciate this more than you know.

      1. Good old Pac-man was the first. Im pretty good and now go to an arcade bar up the road for more arcade fun today! Ghosts n goblins is my fav.

          1. I often go to bars and love retro games! I collect them myself also. Dreamcast is my fav older system through. The RPG Record of Lodoss war is one of my top rpgs. Also got many consoles from atari 2600 to atari jaguar and n64.

    1. None of our staff have played Fortnite but our moderator says he enjoys the best of clips – good plays are good plays no matter what the game.

  5. When I was 13 my parents rented a Nintendo 64 console for me to play over the weekend. I decided to try and beat Mario 64 in just one weekend by playing nonstop. When I won the game and the [end credits]( began to play, showing me all these worlds I had explored, I just couldn’t hold back my emotions and just cried and cried. Happy tears.

  6. Playing League of Legends together with a group of friends. One of them being quite bad, forgetting about his items and spells et cetera, but that was part of the experience. Miss it!

    1. Same – we all encouraged each other to become better and when we had a good push and worked together as a team it felt good man.

  7. Without a doubt it was running my own Minecraft server when I was 10. It got pretty popular, ~40-50 regulars, which was pretty big in 2011. I felt like a total badass.

    1. Lmao I couldn’t figure out how to set up my own server until 2019. I kept on getting stuck with port forwarding and static ip’s and I thought I needed to buy a static ip but recently I set up a server in like 5 mins without having to buy anything so I guess I was overthinking then

  8. Probably Minecraft factions. I was too shy at the time to speak to strangers online through voice chat and most of the big factions required that so I was always in my own faction by myself. I used to play the whole day and night and sleep for like 2 hours and eventually I became so good at pvp that I could beat 3-4 people by myself. Which happened frequently, because I was still the only guy in my faction and people usually would only venture into the warzone if they had a group.

  9. I’d say my most rewarding gaming experience is all the time I have gotten to spend with my kids over the years, playing games. I mean I like playing games solo, but the best times were always with the kids. It’s helped bring us closer together and continues to give us something to bond over,even though they are pretty much all adults now.

    1. The family that games together stays together…or something like that. Whenever I’m at PAX there’s tons of families there whether in the tabletop area or the expo hall – great sight to see.

    1. Ahhh, I remember those days circa 2005-2006. Surprisingly I only played for about 4-5 months and never got hooked.

  10. plenty of rewarding gaming experiences, mostly all due to a great story moment or a “cool” moment. One of them was the ending of Batman’s Arkham Knight where Bruce Wayne appears to be done being Batman and blows up his Manor with him inside, or not… It’s a great cliffhanger.

  11. I think Halo 2 days would be my best gaming experience.

    One time I created a custom game to break the kill record in a match. I didn’t know there was a limit.. I think it was 30,000 kills or something like that? I had my Xbox account on one team, the guest account on the other, and just left the match open 24/7. I wanted to have it go forever, but like I said there was a score limit.. not sure if it ever did break the record or not, but I remember 12 year old me thinking I was the coolest at the time haha.

  12. Honestly, growing up, I wasn’t too much of a gamer. I did play in the occasional Dragon Ball-Z match whenever my cousins dropped around. I loved watching my brothers play games, though. Saturday mornings we’d rush downstairs and we would all be huddled around the TV with our Playstation. I had no idea what was going on, but I loved watching them play games like DBZ, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank ( by the way, I still have Courtney Gears’ song memorized!)

  13. I remember halo 3 was the first game that really introduced me to the competitive online grind. Before I didn’t own a gaming system, and I only played smash 64 with my older cousin who would whop me every time.

    Once I could dedicate time to getting better, there was no going back. Something about putting in the work to better your technique and gameplay is so rewarding. I still get hooked easily on competitive games, notably LoL and rocket league

    1. A few of us played LoL when it came out in beta for a couple years. Back when there were 50-60-70 champions it was easy to keep track of but man…they’re at almost 150 now, that’s a crazy amount of knowledge needed to play effectively.


      The last champion I remember being released was….Lulu.

      1. Yup, I started playing around 2011 and there was a lot less to keep track of back then. That why I love rocket league. Ball —-> net lol

  14. I used to play a ton of Guild Wars and reaching the “God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals” title is by far my favorite and most memorable achievement in video gaming. I kinda miss the MMO days.

    1. Between all of us we’ve certainly played our share of MMO’s. Would be cool to see something like Ultima Online meets Star Wars Galaxies (pre-update) – something that’s just not about grinding and fighting but different occupations and a big social aspect, too.

      1. Oh man that would be awesome! The grinding is kinda why I had to stop playing them. I get addicted to things and when Guild Wars 2 came out I found myself running stats during college classes, so I decided I had to drop them cold turkey. I feel like if you could pull something like that off it would revolutionize the industry. But I’m not verse in MMOs other than GuildWars, so maybe something along that line exists? I’m picturing Second Life meets LOTR.

    1. Did the same many many years ago then never played again. Whew what a day/weekend. Still remember that Special Edition Halo XBOX 360 before the RROD got the best of it.

  15. Modern Warfare 2 S&D with 5 of my buddies. We were freshmen in high school. Both teams have 3 points, its final round and I’m the last one alive! I manage to pull off my first ever 1v6 clutch and won the game for my team. Intense adrenaline rush!!!!

  16. My best experience has to be playing Fortnite. Not the actual gameplay as such, but the friends I’ve played with. We played for so long and made great memories and I made like 7 friends out of it. It worked because it was free and everyone had it on everything.

  17. My fondest memories was playing Counter Strike. There was a pretty sick Pac-Man map that I used to play a lot. With the maze and tight spaces, it really made it more fun to just run around and shoot people. Might have been the group but most wouldn’t try to find a spot and camp but run around. Good times.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway and good luck to all!

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  18. Man two that stand out to me was getting around 50 to 60 levels in Mr Do’s Castle back on the colecovision and then the game started bugging out.

    And just destroying people on COD4 MW back in the day. I was cranking out like 20 to 1 type KDRs to the point I would get vote kicked because people thought i was running aim bots. I suck at FPS games now but man I legit could have gone pro in that game lol

  19. We’re all in our 30s and have 3/4 of us have kids of our own. Best feeling – having your son tell a stranger their dad beat Zelda (BOTW). He was so proud!

  20. My most rewarding experience happened in WoW. I posted, “Happy New Year from Wisconsin!” in general chat after I got done enchanting some dudes gear. He messaged me asking, “Where in WI?” and we learned that not only did we live in the same town and go to the same university, but we were in the exact same math class! Like, what are the odds?!

    This was many years ago and we’re still friends.

  21. My best gaming experience has been recently downloading Bitlife. My life has been really hectic and stressful lately so it’s nice to escape the stress for a bit and become someone else.

    Thanks for the giveaway, good luck all!

  22. Hmm not sure, but one memory that sticks out is playing Frontier: Elite II on the Commodore Amiga in the 90s.

    Though it was a somewhat buggy game, what blew me away was that it had accurate galactic maps representing real-life stars. I also loved the fact it had Newtonian physics in it (though it made dog-fights challenging), and that you could land on planets, essentially exploring entire solar systems.

    I haven’t tried Elite Dangerous yet (not sure if my PC is up to the task).

    1. >Frontier: Elite II

      Looked up the maps for that game and holy moly – that’s some detailed stuff for an Amiga game!

      1. Yup. One of the game developers was an astronomer in real life and it shows in the game.

        Fun fact: that same guy was also heavily involved with the development of the raspberry pi single board computer too.

  23. Our family with 6 kids had a game boy sp with super Mario on it, and we would take turns playing in the car on long road trips. Rules were you could play till you die, but because I was so good I had to play with one hand. The others would beat 1-4 levels before dying, but I could beat the game 2-3 times over using the warp tunnels. Half the fun was all the howling in the back as my siblings went into meltdown mode every time I beat the game

    1. Love this. How did you play with one hand?

      Did you have a minivan (3 in back 3 in middle) or a passenger van? That’s a big family!

      1. We had a minivan, so I definitely would get stealth elbows to the rib as often as my siblings could sneak em. And because the SP was so narrow, I’d place the game on my knee and control left and right with my pointer finger, while keeping my ring finger on the jump button. I’d shoot the fireballs with the first joint of the ring finger going sideways.

        Definitely had to invest a ton of hours to learn it, but it was the only game we had for much of my early life…

  24. I have so many rewarding moments from gaming.. Beating 3 lvl 9 CPUs on a team against me in Super Smash Bros Melee, finally beating the final Boss in Super Mario Bros RPG, and so many custom Halo 2 game types with friends…

    But one that sticks out is fairly recent. When Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was released on the 3DS, I spent a lot of time in the fishing area. Part because I noticed it looked a lot prettier, and the other part is that I loved the challenge.

    I already knew you can get rid of the Fisherman’s hat as Adult Link, but what I found out is that there is an ultra-hard fish to get, that requires a special lure, the fish was called the Hylian Loach. After obtaining the lure, I spent 3-4 hours in real life trying to get this fish, and I eventually did.

    On the N64, I got all items, all hearts, all Golden Skultlulas. Thought I 100% the game before. But once I got that damn fish, I finally felt as if I reached that milestone, and it felt good. Really good.

    1. Collectively our favorite Zelda games are LTTP (SNES) and OoT (N64), but at this point there are so many good games how can you choose?

      Never had the patience to catch that fish – glad to hear someone nab it!

  25. League of Legends with my friends. It’s the only game that I’m decent at and that everybody plays. It’s always fun to hear the call go crazy when a play happens or somebody gets a penta.

  26. … I don’t really have a top gaming experience. My favorite games have been the Final Fantasy and Zelda series. My top experience would be when my kids achieved a goal though.

    Thanks for the site, it looks good and linking to the community here and Discord. 🙂

  27. lol…cough, wheeeze… the early 1990’s, back in the bronze age, or so it was. I used an old broken controller for my son and daughter. They thought they were playing. My kids are both gamers now too. 🙂

  28. Recently bought hardware for a desktop set up and included a 32 inch/2560×1440 widescreen monitor. Playing Elite Dangerous on that after playing on a 2014 gaming laptop with 1920×1080 has impressed with the change in visual elegance.

  29. my most rewarding gaming experience was probably in college just drinking beer and shooting the breeze with my friends while playing Madden and NCAA football. As a pre-game to our nights out partying, we’d set up stupid arbitrary rules to the game. Like “if you don’t make any yards this play, you drink.” , and “if you score a touchdown you need to do a celebration dance.” As you can see, pretty dumb…but also pretty fun.

    We expanded this to have a whole LAN season in the dorms. We’d seriously pass the disk/harddrive from room to room for a whole degenerate season which obviously ended with the Super Bowl or Championship game (<— NCAA was sophomore year of college). I won a bunch, and lost a few times …but that’s not what mattered. It was the tipsy vidya game bonding that was my favorite, and I’m still friends with most of those drunk madden/ncaa groups to this day. good times.

  30. Probably playing D&D for the first time with some high school friends. None of us knew very well how to play, but we had fun with it, and the different medium for gaming was an exciting experience.

  31. Probably Wind Waker. My very first open world game and when I was 5 my mother would play it between 7pm-8pm in our room and we’d watch. I’ll never forget that

  32. My most rewarding experience was probably with league of legends and getting over my anxiety of ranked. I finally started playing ranked every time I’m on instead of normals

  33. Halo 3, Four Ghosts, Legendary. All for a whopping 0 gamer-score achievement. Proudest moment of my life lol

  34. I think my most rewarding gaming experience is probably happening right now actually! I got my first swanky gaming laptop recently and have done enough Reddit research to teach myself how to mod. I’ve created my dream Skyrim and am obsessed with this new playthrough.

  35. Playing Ocarina of Time with my dad and my little sister. Watching him beat the game and then help us whenever we got stuck made me a fan of the series since. He doesn’t play the franchise anymore but they’re still my fondest memories.

  36. Gaming has always been a big part of my life since I was a kid. I don’t know if I can pin point one specific time.
    I have vivid memories of my brother and I leaning over the couch arms to get out Game Boys under our grandma’s lamp so we could still play even when it was dark. I remember not being able to beat certain parts of a game and asking my brother is help me with them.

    More recently, I love playing MMO’s with my boyfriend. We have so much fun getting drops and customizing our characters.

    1. Robo: I have the same memory and remember it was Final Fantasy Adventure (the first Seiken Densetsu game!)

      1. Oooo. I grew up on Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. I also remember a Hamtaro (little hamsters) game that I couldn’t wrap my brain around as a kid. Ha

    1. I have to say that my first and still all time fave is Pac Man! I play it all of the time along with Slots and Pinball.

  37. Well in a CS:GO deathmatch server, I booted up SLAM (an audio player in source games) and played meme songs like Africa, Take On Me, Ocean Man, etc and everyone was chilling in d2 t spawn singing along and no one was killing anyone else. Whenever someone would start killing us, we’d all gang up on them. Never met a server as fun as that. Was about a year ago.

    However, the grind in CS:GO mm is really difficult and ranking up twice in a week was a big milestone for me.

  38. Started playing Runescape when I was 9 years old, I always wanted all 99s. Being a kid, I couldnt really get too far into the game but I had a lot of fun with my friends on it. After they updated the graphics, I couldnt run it on my computer anymore so I had quit for a long time and once I was able to play again, I couldnt get into the game like I did as a little kid.

    Eventually they released the Oldschool version of it so it was like it was 2007 again. Then after hard grinding for 3 years I was one of the first few hundred to max out on it. It is by far the most rewarding experience Ive had on a game, it took a lot of dedication and hand aches. Even went to the chiropractor to get my hand adjusted when I was doing the more click intensive stuff.

    Additional note, I met my SO on the game and we just had a kid last month 🙂

    1. Congrats on finding someone and creating another human being! One of our moderators had their WoW guild at their wedding – sure that happens a lot these days.

  39. Best gaming experience was sharing the computer with my brother and playing Runescape and WoW together. Great times!

  40. Playing Smash Brothers with my brother was the highlight of my childhood. We played at least 100+ hours together and I have to say it’s the reason why we’re so close today.

  41. We were playing insurgency, 5 friends of mine vs 7 strangers, we gave them a hell of a fight, all of us had RPGs and Rockets, we bombared them till the end of the game, that was the best game in my life

  42. My most rewarding experience was when I beat Pokemon X. I remember I was around 8 years old and had all level 70-80 pokemon. I ran around the house celebrating and my parents bought me ice cream afterwards :^)

  43. Mario Kart 64 was the first game I ever played, but in 8th grade I completed the game 100% on 150cc and Extra/mirror mode. I got a perfect run on the Grand Prix on Rainbow Road by getting the big shortcut on all 3 laps. I was so pumped nailing that each time and securing the win.

    Around freshman year of high school I completed Mario Galaxy 2 100% which involved beating the final level “Perfect Run” without getting hit once because you only had 1 health the entire time. Beating a really difficult level like that felt like a huge accomplishment.

    And another one was two years when Zelda Breath of the Wild came out. I poured in 200 hours over the first two months and it was an incredible experience after waiting for the game for years. It was true bliss.

    1. 200 hours over two month seems like a lot but then you do the math and it’s only 3.3 hours/day for 60 days.

      1. Yeah that’s a crazy average though and a lot of it came in the first few weeks. I can’t remember the numbers but basically if I wasn’t sleeping, eating, attending class, or studying, I was playing BotW lol

  44. Finishing Pokemon Red on my Gameboy back when I was a kid. This was back when I was clueless about online guides and walkthroughs and such, so it was a satisfying feeling completing the game fairly.

  45. My most rewarding gaming experience was the month Pokémon GO came out. Not too long after the game came out, with minimal effort leveling it, I sold my account for $200.

  46. My favorite gaming experience would be Minecraft. I would build houses with my friends. Even though it was crappy. It was nice to feel the sense of accomplishment.

  47. My most rewarding gaming experience is after dying and dying in Bloodborne i put it down. I then picked it back up a few months later and got the hang of it and was finally able to beat it within a month. It was very satisfying and an an enjoyable experience.

  48. My top gaming moment was when I was 6 years old and Super Mario Bros 3 came out for NES and I was lucky enough to get my Dad to buy it for me (with the SMB3 Bible (strategy guide)). I had just sat down and was happier than I had ever been, and upon completing the Castle for World 1 I decided to scream out my happiness in my dog’s face, who then proceeded to bite me right between the eyes above my nose. I had a huge gash with blood running down my face but I knew if I told my step-mom she would make me go to the hospital to get stitches and that meant having to stop playing. So instead I grabbed a rag and tried to stop myself bleeding while I crushed World 2. Eventually my step-mom came in the room and freaked out and I had to go get 7 stitches. I immediately went for World 3 upon returning from the hospital LOL. GOOD TIMES!

  49. what if we don’t have a rewarding gaming experience? I’m not a gamer – i haven’t even taken my xbox 1 out of the box, it’s been sitting under my couch for 2 years! :-/

    1. Everyone assumes gaming means video games. Maybe I should have clarified it also could mean card games, board games, tabletop, roleplaying, or other forms.

  50. Was playing Altis Life mod on Arma 3. My crew is doing its thing, flying helicopters, robbing people, you know the shit you do all the time in real life.

    We start to rob a guy named “Tony Montana”, and low and behold in voice chat he sounds exactly like the character from the movie. So we decide to kidnap him and after having a good time we make him part of our crew.

    A couple hours later, we just hear him talking to someone in his normal voice, and then he just comes back with “Sorry boys, Tony Montana’s mom was wondering why he was talking like this”.

    Was one of the funniest things I’ve seen an RP’er do.

  51. Thanks for the giveaway.

    I guess my most rewarding gaming experience was the first time I hit legend in Hearthstone after months of trying.

  52. Back in middle school, we lived in an apartment complex and we were all really good friends. We would regularly meet at our place and combine 2 xbox, 2 tv and 2 teams of 4 and go head to head in OG Halo. Making up dumb names to make it say something funny like “you got killed by “Air” or “Nothing.”” Staying up until the sun would hit us, hooting and hollering quietly as to not wake mom because she had to work in the AM. Best time of all of our lives.

  53. Any gaming experience that allows me to bond with my friends more is what I’d consider to be most rewarding. I can probably think of two such experiences that I’ve had.


    First one was back in the early 2000s when us school kids would rush home to finish up our homework just so we could get on our local Counter-Strike 1.6 server and play together. On any other day, we’d delay doing homework until like an hour or so before dinner, so it’d surprise our parents whenever we got them done as soon as we got home. Little did they know we just wanted them off our backs while we played for 2-3 hours.


    The second one was several years later when I found the interest in gaming again after a few friends introduced me to League of Legends. This was back when we were levelling our accounts to 30 in season 4. We’d stay up all night on Skype, getting excited any time we got kills in co-op vs AI because we were that bad.


    That being said, thanks for the giveaway. I’ll check out your site as it looks pretty interesting. I’m sort of new to beermoney and I’ve been looking for more productive ways to spend my free time between classes and part time jobs. :O

    1. Early 2000s were a special moment for LAN and network play. For a few of us the sounds echoing from our college dorm hallways were filled with CounterStrike,

  54. Definitely has to be the good ol’ Halo 2 days. But not just the regular stuff – joining Glitching & Tricking communities that hardly exist in games outside of speedrunning anymore. It felt unique to have so much fun exploiting a game in every possible way, and not for any competitive advantage.

    1. First person to mention boardgames, yes! Have any recent favorites? We’re digging Root and some new classics like One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

      1. cards against humanity is a big hit and the different variations like what do you meme and joking hazard. sherriff of nottingham is one of my favorites. I want to play one night ultimate werewolf someday

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