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[Giveaway] Reward XP v1 $150 Launch Giveaway

# About [Reward XP]( v1 Giveaway:

After 4 1/2 months in beta we’ve officially released v1 of Reward XP and wanted to celebrate with a $150 giveaway!

* **(15) people will win a $10 Amazon gift certificate!** See requirements below.
* The top (3) answers – chosen by Reward XP staff – will be featured in our Discord #contests channel. Those people will receive a special “Contest Winner” Discord role and 50,000 XP added to their account.


## >Earn now at [](

## >Join our community at [](


# Website Overview for [Reward XP](

## Basics

* 10,000 XP = $1 US DOLLAR.
* Referral system credits 5% of what others redeem for life; referred member gets 5000 XP signup bonus.
* Support through knowledgebase/ticketing system and Discord.
* Interface designed for desktop and mobile.


## Offers

* Offerwalls include AdGate, Adscend, OfferToro, Your Surveys *($1 per survey)*, SaySoRewards, Hideout.TV *(.085 per 3 ads)*, Adgem *(redeploying Q3 2019)*.
* Our own custom survey router, [XPSurveys](, is in development with a beta scheduled for October/November.


## Rewards

* Rewards & payout minimums: Robux ($.80), PayPal ($5), Bitcoin ($5), ($5), Riot Points ($5), Steam ($10).
* Zero fees!
* Global Amazon stores will be added in 2020.


# What’s Next?

* Automated payments, revamped leveling system, custom survey router [XPSurveys](, and other features with the help of our community feedback!
* Come join our Discord for insider info and hear what’s planned for the 2nd half of 2019.


## >Earn now at [](

## >Join our community at [](


# Requirements:

You must have posted in /r/beermoney prior to this post and within the last 6 months. [Click here to check your recent activity.]( To enter, leave a top level comment below. To ensure that we can accurately choose a random winner, please do not post replies or discuss Reward XP below. Make a new thread if you would like to discuss Reward XP.

## Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on July 15th, 2019



# Leave a top level comment below about your most rewarding gaming experience to enter this giveaway!

## Winners are chosen randomly with a script that was written for our giveaways and verified by /r/beermoney mods. After the giveaway ends, a new post will be made naming the winners for this giveaway.

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