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Got my Crowdtap ban reversed!

(Not sure how to tag/flair this. Let me know if there’s a more appropriate one I should use. It’s the opposite of a rant!)

Got banned from Crowdtap a few days ago, probably because I mistakenly left my VPN on for a few surveys or because I use both the app and the desktop site, something along those lines. Emailed them politely explaining the situation, emphasizing that I was not a bot or dishonest about how I filled out their surveys, and this morning got unbanned:

>Thanks for reaching out to us about this. We reviewed your verification request and you’ve been approved – you can now redeem your points for gift cards.
>Because this verification system is still new, it flags some accounts by accident. We’re continuing to make improvements and appreciate your feedback along the way so others won’t get flagged in the same way.
Crowdtap Member Advocate

My takeaways here are 1.) there’s an automated system 2.) there’s also a somewhat attentive human task force behind the automation, and 3.) it IS possible to reverse a ban, so it pays to be polite and professional when you’re reaching out – there is a real human who will respond. I’m very relieved about this outcome; I’ve heard many negative things about Crowdtap so I was not expecting a reversal at all.

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