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Gpt site points/gems/tokens to $ ratio. Come on owners !!!! Please explain yourselves and your logic

Today I tried out 5 different gpt sites that have recently been posted here in the forum. As always I had fun, banged out some offers, made a little cash.

Overall I was pleased with most aspects of these sites with one big exception. The points to dollars ratio.
Out of 5 sites tested there were either 4 or 5 different point to dollar ratios.

What’s the point in doing this ? I can assure you no one enjoys it not even a little bit. Why are you making one point worth anything other than one penny ?

I saw point scales from 1 point equals 1 penny (which is awesome your site rocks) to 1=.001 to 1=.0001 and one site it wasn’t even a damn even number.

If you bother to do any research you will find members enjoy transparency and simplicity when it comes to their money. I can only think of one good reason why any site has a point/$ ratio of anything other than 1 penny and I hope that’s not the case. Because the only good reason I can think of is that you are wanting to trick folks that are new to the gpt world into thinking they are earning more than they actually are.

So if you run a site please let me and everyone else know why you choose to use a point system that is confusing to your workers.

21 thoughts on “Gpt site points/gems/tokens to $ ratio. Come on owners !!!! Please explain yourselves and your logic

  1. Of course, it’s to mess with people’s perception of how much they’re actually making. I can think of no other reason why a site would do anything other than 1 point = $0.01.

      1. clever marketing to keep users glued to just ONE site is one way i can theorize it, without going into a math war..

        i’m just glad i don’t mess around with gpt’s much anymore in one sense (though i’ll never completely stop) plug a few things throughout a month, dabble around here and there. and just focus on improving on mturk.

        right now turk’s slow-ish. but i’m not biting fingernails or hitting up loan companies lol

  2. it’s extremely simple, anything different than 1 point = 1 cent means they can have offers that credit less than a cent, like 0.1 cents or even worse 0.01 cents (which people will misread and think 0.01 cents = $0.01 or 1 cent)

      1. unless the site has decimal points in their point system this is impossible. for example swagbucks doesn’t have decimals on their SB so the minimum amount you can be credited is 1 SB.

        Though in reality SB is a bad example because they usually credit the least anyway lol

        1. If I do on Adscend through Swagbucks I get 0.?? SB per ad but it only actually credits when it’s a full SB.

          1. Yup. They just don’t show you the decimal in your total there. It’s kept track of though.

        2. Yes sites have decimal points in there systems. Even many sites where they don’t always show it in your balance do use decimal points. It’s extremely common.
          Have you never saw offers that credit less than a point ?
          Instagc, grindabuck, the 99 venture sites are just a few off the top of my head that show the decimal point in your history of offers completed page.
          I mean just think for a second. How do you suppose swagbucks issues a ten percent referral credit to someone for a 1 point offer their ref done ?

          1. if you don’t get credit until the ref makes 10SB, it doesn’t matter if internally they keep track of decimal points. *you will never see those. therefore to the end user swagbucks doesn’t have decimal points, ever*

          2. You get credit instantly when they make a penny otherwise it would never add up and you’d never earn anything if your ref only done offers under 10 points.

            Your saying that if I have a bunch of refs and they only watch videos that swagbucks will never pay me my ref credits ?
            That’s not true at all. If you had ten refs that all earned 1 point each you’d see your balance raise by a point as soon as your decimal rolled over.
            So to the end user that realizes swagbucks pats you your ref credit law then yes they do have decimals.

            Just like every site does

          3. i was very clear. you don’t earn until the ref earns 10 cents. that effectively means that to the end user user, you won’t ever see coin for decimal earnings

    1. I see it mostly as being a way to mislead users into thinking they’re earning more than they actually are. It sounds a lot more impressive to give “1000” points instead of saying “10 cents” or whatever other measly amount.

      1. Fronto had some weird ass conversion ratio like around 33 points to 1 cent for one of their reward tiers.

        On a side note, fuck Google for pulling most lockscreens from the Play Store.

    1. I’m sorry but please explain what advertisers, fraud, and incentive traffic have to do with my post ? You completely lost me.

  3. Idle-Empire here. Our ratio is 10,000 Points = $1.00 and I can explain why we did it that way.

    We have a few earning methods like mining cryptocurrencies or playing on our game servers where users are frequently rewarded with microtransactions that are much smaller than $0.01.

    But also besides those unusual earning methods, there are offers that pay less than a penny (e.g videos from Smores/Engageme/Hideout or 1-click offers from MinuteStaff and MoreTvTime).

    Our system has no decimal places, so the lowest amount we can credit is 1 point. If 1 point would be 1 penny, that wouldn’t work for us – we would have to use decimal places. And that can cause many issues (decimal places are more error-prone and not all offer walls even support them).

    I don’t think that there are many sites who do this with malicious intent. It’s just easier for the platform in many ways and I’m not sure if decimal places for pennies are less confusing for users either.

    1. You need to have better offers instead of so many (you cite a bunch yourself and probably have more) that stiff users with less than a penny each.

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