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Has anyone encountered the requester with “free unpaid work” on Mturk?

Hi guys! I hope you guys can lead me to the direction on this subject. Yesterday I encountered a very strange survey. It looked normal at first, but it was a trap for “free unpaid work”. The survey was 5 minutes long for .75 cents. That seems very normal. I clicked the link to go to the survey, but I was transferred to a different task. The requester required me to do “free work/tasks” before transferring me to the survey for 75 cents.

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? I’ve seen comprehension tests and attention checks before the survey begins. I have never been required to do “unpaid labor” before doing the advertised task for pay. It’s like this person put two HITs into a single HIT and is only paying for one HIT.

8 thoughts on “Has anyone encountered the requester with “free unpaid work” on Mturk?

  1. Seems like a scam. Unfortunately, they exist on mturk as well. Best thing is to install the turkopticon extension that warns you about them.

    1. OP didn’t give one in the [original post](

      looks like there was a little chest bumping war of words tho’.

      my bet, it’s probably been talked about in the other turk forums, mturkcrowd, etc. i bet if i looked at one of my old fb groups someone likely got sucked into the redirect scam there too. if not i’d be shocked. those people on fb tend to be watchdogs high on helium and “live,laugh,love” home decor..

  2. yeah, seen it mentioned on /r/mturk. people had a field day about it. rightfully so..

    edit: oh, it was you who originally broke the news. i get reddit names mixed up a lot.

    1. They weren’t really helpful. I contacted Mturk, but they won’t answer the question. Mturk sent a generic response about free qualifications, but this was not a free qualification.

      1. did you block them? truth is this is a rare thing requesters pull in the few years i’ve been on the platform. but beyond reporting the hit there’s no much else that can be done.

        mturk has this annoying policy of being “hands off” between disputes for the most part. they tried to approach things different and move away from that attitude, but quickly reverted backwards.

        the argument there on that thread was about posting a name. the mturk sub is not against this far as i’m aware, they want us to reveal those names as it’s helpful to other workers so they don’t fall prey. now, specific CONTENT of a hit, that’s the gray area. but in that sub that seems to fly by.

        i’m not siding with them, or against them. just looking at the points on all, there you go.

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