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Have you guys tried premise?

Sorry if this had been posted before but I did a search and I couldnt find anything about it so I might give you some info on it, I accidentaly found this app on the google playstore(its also on the apple appstore) and have been using it for a week already, Im in bogota Colombia but their site say it works globally.

They have different types of tasks that pay different amounts, some are simple surveys that pay 1 cent, theres others that pay 3 bucks but they are always in really far parts of my city, so far Ive made about 2 dollars in bitcoin(its the only way of withdrawing in here but they have others in other countries, their payout min its low and they pay you instantly to your bitcoin wallet) by just answering surveys and taking some pictures in my city. Right now its the only site that has worked for me here in Colombia if any of you know of another One thatd be great.

Proof of payment

So I hope you guys find it useful 🙂

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