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Haven’t had any new Neevo jobs in a while?

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

Last job I had was entity tagging which kind of glitched out and got mixed up on me, giving me prompts from the OTHER entity tagging jobs. I emailed them about it but heard nothing back. They have paid me out for everything now and I’ve seen no new jobs in a week or two

6 thoughts on “Haven’t had any new Neevo jobs in a while?

  1. Same here Man. Usually at this time of the week they give us audio classification jobs but its empty. Wonder what’s going on.

  2. Neevo has been really slow lately. I had the text sentiment analysis job, both in Portuguese and English, but hadn’t had anything else in a while and haven’t had anything else since.

  3. Just the luck of the draw. I’ve done some UK English transcription tasks as well as those ones where you judge how good or bad an AI type voice is.

  4. It’s just so down. No nothing. I’m yet to be paid for the audio validation for UK English. I’ve not seen tasks for a week now.

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