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Help! please

someone from the US hacked in into my Prizerebel account and claimed over $55 worth of steam cards before Prizerebel suspended my account. I woke up this morning to an email from Prizerebel saying that they sent me a new password and my account has been accessed by multiple individuals… My question is what about the points they stole from my account are they gone ? will I be refunded and thank you ?

I earned over 6.2k with Prizerebel and this is the first time my account got hacked in 5 years, all my claims were in British pounds since I’m located in the UK.

20 thoughts on “Help! please

    1. How is it my fault ? I never gave my info to anyone neither shared them anywhere .. they even themselves said in the email that my account has been hacked.

        1. what i was trying to say is , if the site did not get hacked , you are almost never getting something back from them since its on you to make sure everything is safe on your computer or email (passwords etc)

          1. You’re a fucking idiot. He clearly said that he has NEVER given his info out to anyone so again how is it HIS FAULT for getting hacked?

          2. Lets say you get a virus on your pc that steals all your passwords and stuff. Who’s fault is it? If the site itself is not hacked then it is probably a fault on his side. That’s what the guy is saying. Get a brain before you call someone a “fucking idiot”

          3. It depends on how it happened. If the site got hacked then yeah. But if he got hacked then I don’t see them being willing to help. And most people that get hacked don’t know what they did wrong. Maybe they clicked a bad link without noticing… Maybe one of their downloads had malware… Maybe he signed into a public computer and left it open. In cases like those and similar I don’t see how Prizerebel would be ok with helping.

    2. “Someone else’s actions against you is your fault”……….. that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard and it’s already the afternoon here.

  1. I see you already posted in /r/prizerebel, hopefully the mods there can help you. I know /u/glcn is pretty active and helpful!

    Good luck. That’s so awful that happened to you.

  2. I’m not here to say that it’s your fault BUT unless there was a data breach on their end they probably wont take any responsibility.

  3. That’s certainly sad, but I think it’s important to see how the attack might have happened, so you won’t fall victim again. Did you click on phishing emails asking for your password? Our is there a keylogger installed on your device?

  4. Damn man. That sucks. I feel like even if you had a password that was maybe easy to crack (you obviously aren’t an idiot if you’ve been using the site for 5 years and haven’t had any problems) or if someone got into your computer, they should refund your points out of loyalty for being a long time member.

    It is possible that they might not be able to get those steam cards refunded if they have already been used though, which might be a problem. It should be pretty easy for them to see the IP of where your account was logged in from and tell that it wasn’t you, though. Good luck!

  5. I can’t offer insight into your exact issue, however I would suggest downloading the malware bytes premium trial and running a scan.

    Also check your task manager and running services for anything suspicious.

    As well as changing all of your passwords(preferably from a different device than you use to access prizerebal)

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