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Hideout problems

At first everything was working fine and I had 31,000 points pending to a rewards partner that they no longer supported, instead of telling me they took my points away from me and when I asked about them said oh we will look into it.. never heard anything back.. videos were working fine.. then a few days past and I noticed I was no longer logged in.. so I tried to login and it say invalid attempt.. ok so I tried resetting my password and the system tells me invaild user.

So its my belief that they deleted my account from signing in manually, when I try to use facebook it signs me into facbook and then when It goes to redirect it just takes me back to the login screen.. honestly dont think they wanted to pay me the 31000 points and then deleted my account which had some 7k points in it.. I email them with of course no response moving forward and I cant find any info on them to report them to the BBB or otherwise… really shady as fuck and its been my experience that they dont fuck with you now they will later.. just honestly a waste of time..

I dont understand how this company stays in business when anyone that ever signs up with them gets the boot, I dident even run any proxys or vpns just watched videos… why do they have to be the only company to do this? ugh so pissed!

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