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Honeygain – something is fishy…..

So few days ago I sign up and installed on all of my perk/yoolotto phone. Everyday around 8 PM ET all points earned during last 24 hour use to be added to grand total.

When I came close to $20 to redeem and it stopped earning for 24-36 hour. (Saturday and till Sunday evening)

It started earning in evening and now new points earned is not added to grand total.

Data used – 218 GB

total – $19.87 (Suppose to be $21.8)

so it is less than $20 and I can not redeem.

Is it scam ? I hope not but be careful and what’s your experience.

5 thoughts on “Honeygain – something is fishy…..

  1. How many devices do you have connected to honeygain?

    from their FAQ: “How many devices with the same IP can I connect to Honeygain?”

    “Up to 6 devices. If you connect 7 or more, those devices won’t be gathering any credits as your IP address will have an overused status.”

    So if you have more than 6 devices you might be sending traffic, but not getting credited for it thus the > 200 GB vs < $20.

    1. This might be the case for similar status. However, for this case, the credits were left on behind because of our downtime and infrastructure issues. We have simply not expected such interest and skyrocketing user base. The credits of yours should have reached the account by now. If not – let s know via Support pop-up on the website and we will jump right onto it ASAP. Happy harvesting!
      We are not a scam and already do have quite a few dozens of payouts. 🙂

  2. I installed the app a few weeks. Sometimes it’s earning points and sometimes it’s not. I assume it is based on their need. I haven’t had any issues with points not showing in the total, and I also haven’t had the app long enough to earn enough points to redeem.

  3. Just signed up and started using today. Still a ways away from reaching the minimum. I havent heard of this app before today so I cant say I’ve seen any proof of cash out. Hoping your issue gets resolved though.

    If you dont mind me asking about how long did it take you to get to where you are now(the 19 or 20 dollars)?

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