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Has anyone tried it, is this thing legit? Seems abit too good to be true.

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  1. It appears to be like any other platform that allows you to sell your network data, just with a more user-friendly design similar to honey miner (a desktop crypto miner app). I’ve never used this myself, but it doesn’t raise any red flags in my eyes.

    As long as you’re okay with the potential for intrusion of privacy, go for it and let us know how it goes.

    1. Yea thats what i will do, i im gonna use it only when at home and my phone is on charger i think so like 7-8 hours a day and i will see the result after a month. Do you have any other app like this that is proven to work? Maybe running a few at a time might make a better profit. Thanks for all the information!

  2. Interesting looking app, reminds me a bit of packetstream but for android.

    More discussion here (so far the jury is out as its still too new):

    Also going from the FAQ, it will only pay you for one device per IP address and they pay $1 per 10GB of data.

    Also seeing as we are here, here’s my reference if anyone wants to use it. Perhaps we should start a train?

  3. How do you use this website? I signed up for it and nothing happened, just a bunch of bees flying around.

    1. Once you are signed up, download the app from the play store and login there. Leave it run in the background on your phone and over time your dashboard will show how much data has been used.

  4. Well guys, I just sign up and sign in here by searching news for the app, at first, sorry about my poor english presented next.

    Im from brazil and i just download the app. My connection is by optical cable with 120MBits/s, and im impressed!

    30 minutes “flying bees” in a “Samsung Galaxy J4+” give me 7 cents. By the way in a country that the currency is 3 time lower than US. I really hope that this app pay πŸ˜‰

    See you soon

    1. Very nice man you will be the ultimate experiment with that internet connection. Please update us on the one month progress but 7 cents in 30 minutes is very nice. That would be around 100 dollars a months 24/7

  5. Same as packetstream, you can trick it to run on your computer if you use BlueStacks but it’s really not worth it I think 60MB internet if I keep it on 24/7 I get $0.02 an hour or $14.60 a month (730 hours) at least that’s what I experienced running it for an hour really not worth your power or time.

    1. I mean you could buy a used phone or if you have an olderone laying around and just keep it on a charger. The power usage is minimal but i get what you are saying. But imagine if you have 3-4 different programs the same time running. Could be worth

      1. Someone would have to try it with very high speed internet, mine is relatively slow in comparison to what the fastest speed you can get is, if someone tried it with multiple phones and very fast internet it might be worth it but I was just giving a standard example of what anyone could do can’t speak for having it at full efficiency but you might end up spending more on internet than you earn from it then.

    1. Yeah, this is very true. I’m just using it on one of my older janky phones that has a removable battery. I wouldn’t advocate anyone running it on their daily driver, especially not a flagship phone model.

      1. well they already admit in their FAQ that it drains the battery (why shouldn’t it? every app uses battery). They give a conservative estimate on it though

        1. i mean its not a huge amount of battery drain considering 5%-10% a day that’s stated in the FAQ, also it uses very low amount of cpu processing ,so it’s not going to overheat and drain the battery drastically if you leave it running in the background

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