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How do I get money from my PayPal into cash without having a bank account or credit card?

I racked up about $400 on PayPal this summer through multiple all because of this sub! Issue is, I don’t know how to get it in cash without having an account or card to transfer it too. I know I can buy things online, but it would be nice to be able to spend the money going to restaurants or shopping in a real store. Any advice?

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  1. Depending on your phone and what payment method the store/restaurant accepts, maybe you could look into it being the funding source for a mobile wallet

  2. Just get a PayPal Cash Card. I mainly use it to cash out & nothing else. Only downside is possible withdraw fee depending on where you withdraw from.

      1. It’s like a card but can only use it to deposit/withdraw from your PayPal. I’m not quite sure. I think you can request a card in your PayPal account.

  3. Find someone with a PP account you trust, gift or Friends & Family to them your $400 then get the money from them in cash.

  4. Other than the PayPal cash card, which is FEE FREE, you can also purchase a Netspend PayPal PrePaid card, & link it to your actual PayPal account. It does cost $4.95 a month though. Go with the Cash Card.

  5. Download the paypal app and click send at bottom then select the very last option to cash out and goto any walmart and goto the money center(dont initiate the transfer til uget to walmart it has a 60 minute window)

  6. If your account is limited which I suspect suspect it is then just give up. Thanks to terrorism and fading freedoms turning it into cash is not easy without using an SSN somewhere. Apply for a PayPal cash card or a prepaid card (either the limits removed) is not realistic. You could purchase gift cards but cant get cashback without registering.

    If anyone knows a way without a SSN then that’s awesome and reply or pm.

  7. Why wouldn’t you be able to open up checking or savings account?

    If your in the US and over 18 I believe capital one has no limits or charges on savings/checking. you can even open it online I believe

    1. If you ever want to succeed in life you need a bank account OP, how do you pay when your car breaks down or you need to pay rent? I’ve had a checking account since I was 12.

  8. You can trade balances from your PayPal into gift cards at superior rates in r/giftcardexchange. You actually gain money from this. For example, you can easily buy $5 Amazon for $4 PayPal. This may seem like little, but at higher monentary amounts, you can pull $100 Amazon for $80 PayPal, at the same rate as the $4 for $5! This is not limited to Amazon, so have fun with it!

  9. I think you can link your paypal account to the chime app. It’s free and the debit card they send you is free, I think balance transfers are free too.

  10. PayPal cash card. I have one, works great and no fees. You can only use it where Mastercard is accepted which is pretty much anywhere in the US

    1. Paypal no longer allows personal accounts to get the business debit card. Source: I had one, they made me downgrade to the cash card.

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