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How does moving house affect beermoney?

Not sure if many people will be able to answer this but I want to ask anyways. Has anyone moved house while doing beermoney? It’s obviously going to change your IP address and your actual address (for things that use that). Is this likely to lead to bans or any other complications?

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  1. So… it depends. Most sites don’t care if you use a new IP. However, Prolific bans you if you take a survey on a new IP. So there are exceptions. But you can always email support and let them know why your IP changed.

    1. Hm, I’ve used Prolific on three different IPs (home, boyfriend’s, and university) and haven’t had any issues…

  2. I’ve moved a couple times, and I haven’t had too much trouble. Some sites will ban you for an IP change, but as long as you’re not changing IP addresses unrealistically quickly or changing countries, you should be fine. You just might have to shoot support an email to let them know you moved if you get banned or can’t update your address. Just be careful about connecting to public wifi networks – those will get you banned.

    1. It would just be the once in the same country. Hopefully I don’t get banned but I’ll definitely drop them an email if I do. Thanks for the advice!

      Why do public networks mean a ban? Sorry I’m not really used to everything around here just yet.

      1. A lot of public networks use VPNs. Even if they don’t, you run the risk that someone else connected to the network and it makes you look like you have multiple accounts. I got temporarily banned by a couple sites when I was on college internet, and there have been a number of reports from people being banned in hotels or fast food joints and coffee shops.

    1. *puts beer down and turns on wireless keyboard*




      Of course your IP will change if you move, the only exception to this would be if you are moving down the road and not changing service providers, then there’s a possibly it wouldn’t change (not based on this scenario) because you haven’t changed providers and can be in the same pool for that area.


      Could you be thinking of your MAC address? That is attached to your modem, and if you take you modem with you, that won’t change no matter where you go.


      If anyone is curious you can go here []( change the first digits of the IP address that pops up (yours) and you’ll get a new location if it’s a valid IP address.


      Edit for clarity of how to use the site.


      *goes back to his beer and turns off the keyboard*

    2. Does that mean if you unscrew and take your door numbers with you from one place to another, your address wouldn’t change either?

  3. what? doesnt ip change automatically anyway? Or everytime you restart your router? ofcourse if you dont have a static ip with your ISP

    1. No the internal (idk what the real word for it is) IP for individual devices (Phones, Laptops, Game Systems, Desktops, etc,…) changes every restart as they use Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) to “rent” an IP address that’s available. Your external IP address won’t change unless you swap ISPs as that is tied to the modem you use to connect from your home network to the wider internet.

      1. > Your external IP address won’t change unless you swap ISPs as that is tied to the modem you use to connect from your home network to the wider internet.

        This is wrong.

        You do know dynamic IP is a thing right?

        I get a new IP simply by restarting my modem because my ISP uses dynamic instead of static IPs.

        So no, you don’t only get a new IP when changing ISPs.

        1. your 100% correct. my IP regularly changes ever since i switched to frontier . before when i was with time warner and had cable internet it changed occasionally but now with frontier my IP changes every time my connection to the internet breaks.
          im not sure if it being through the phone line instead oif the cable makes a difference or not.
          i do know that my IP changes much much more frequently than it did with my previous ISP

      2. > No the internal (idk what the real word for it is) IP for individual devices (Phones, Laptops, Game Systems, Desktops, etc,…) changes every restart as they use Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) to “rent” an IP address that’s available

        Wrong. It’s not IP change that screws, rather, it’s the network itself– they know the geographical lcation your router is located and are able to figure out the new one. Besides, every device has a static internal IP that only changes when the MAC address had been tweaked– that’s how you device communicates internally, like when you tether mobile data with another device etc, etc. On the other hand, the external IP is dynamically assigned by your ISP at each browsing sessions for various reasons. Since the ISP changes at every given moment, it is not hard to see that it d(IP change) doesn’t actually means much, like the network. These big websites are able to figure out that you’re not where you claim you were because you’re connected to a different cell tower several miles away, and not just that, they are able to decipher the count of allocataable IP from one mast/cell tower or whatever and the approximate distance from the cell tower you’re connected from so they are still able to tell you’re connected to another cell tower within proximate distance and other reasons I cannot put into words, hahaha.

  4. Sites used to use that anti fraud software I think it was called shift code maybe and it would mark you as a cheater every time your IP address changed.
    If anyone still uses this it’s rare because I haven’t had an issue with a new site in a long time and my ip changed all the time.
    Every time my internet connection flashes my router grabs a new ip.
    Used to sites would make me verify my I’d then they’d put permanent fix in the system for me.

    The 99 ventures sites were all like that at one time.

    To be safe I’d send an email to your sites but I don’t see it being a problem.

    1. So it should be all good?

      Would the address change matter to sites like YouGov, Microworkers, or Pinecone? Would it be worth telling them about it or just waiting to see what happens?

      1. Definitely don’t mention it to microworkers. They are not going to notice the change and it’s possible they would want to mail you a pin and that can take months.

        I’d email the other places and let them
        Know though.

        1. I’ll avoid microworkers then. If I did end up getting banned with them, would they lift it once I explained it to them or would they still need to mail a pin? Perhaps they won’t listen at all?

          So should email the other sites before it changes or afterwards? Sorry for all the q’s. Don’t want to mess anything up.

          1. i would email them before you move just to be on the safe side. as long as you dont switch countries microworkers shouldn’t say anything. ive used their site in several different states not to mention that my home IP address shows up from 4 different states on a regular basis and ive yet to have a problem with MW in many years of almost daily use

  5. So I have been much more casually doing Beer Money on off for years until maybe six months ago when I really jumped in more seriously. I’m still using a number of different accounts I’ve had for years though and I’ve moved several times and expect to be moving again at the end od this summer. It shouldn’t be a big deal. Only one I’ve had some weirdness with is QuickThoughts. They’re still somehow throwing me very localizef surveys from the area I signed up in and I’m in another state now. Made me wary of using the at all but we all know QuickThoughts is ban happy anyhow. (years ago I was traveling a lot and staying places for weeks at a time and using QuickThoughts even then. No issues. But they’ve clearly gotten much worse).

    Definitely have traveled while doing Beer Money stuff as well. It really shouldn’t be an issue. People more. Some of us move quite a lot (I’m at 4, going to be my 5th place in 6 or so years?). I would think they expect that to an extent. It’s only if your location is jumping all around in a short frame of time or a bunch of IP changes and such that I would think anyone would ban. A single change shouldn’t flag you. Think of how many people do beer money from two locations like home or work or while commuting or whatever. (I do surveys on the bus or at the doctor’s offixe myself!) I think there’s a general consistency even with a move versus someone spamming or spoofing and such. And when it comes to survey sites I think they care a lot more avout general consistency in answers. You’re not claiming you’re a 40yo male CEO from NY one day and a 25yo Female stay at home mom in Nebraska the next, right?

    I wouldn’t worry personally. Should anything happen you can reach out and explain then. But I’m wary of putting in the effort in advance just given how slow some sites customer support can be and frankly, how many people bother?

    1. You make a lot of sense…there definitely has to be people moving around a lot and I doubt they all contact support each time.

      Thanks for the help! 🙂

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