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How hard is it to qualify for projects on UserTesting?

I’ve been on the platform for about two months, applying to 1-2 studies weekly and haven’t got selected. Are they really particular or something?

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  1. I attempt between 10 and 20 tests every day during the week and average 10 completed tests a week… Yeah they have pretty strict demographical requirements.

  2. they are usually for real specific demographics, i’m looking at one listed for ‘ a male, living in thailand working as an electrician’. But there are a lot of studies that get put out with loose/no requirements. I just keep the page open and do every qualifier i can, dont try to cheat the system or you will get banned. I’ve been using usertesting since september and ive done 34 tests. In my opinion, usertesting along with mturk and prolific is one of the best beermoney sites. Good luck!

    1. > they are usually for real specific demographics

      Same, I’ve also had a rough time finding gigs, because the demographic requirements are really tight. I would say to be patient, and keep an eye out for whatever gigs might come to you via email.


    2. >a male, living in thailand working as an electrician

      That one cracked me up, along with the ones looking for CEOs of large companies … like they’re going to be searching for $10 user tests to earn some extra cash on top of their 6-7 figure salaries.

      1. In the book ‘the Millionare next door’ the interviewers paid their subjects a crisp one dollar bill for a 2 hour study. :p rare but it does happen, depending on the cause

    3. You basically have to be fast or lucky on the demographics. Having a high rating helps too but very few clients give a rating.

  3. I maybe qualify for 1 out of every 10-15. Some days are better than others. Like others said, don’t try to cheat the system, you will get banned.

  4. too tough. I tried like 50 of them over the course of a month and didn’t qualify for a single one. They don’t pay enough to warrant that kind of time commitment. That being said, a bunch of the questions on their qualification surveys seem very leading/marketing oriented….do you have home insurance? do you travel…stuff that makes it sound like I’m about to sit through a marketing speech. That may just be my own interpretation, but it seems kinda weird.

    1. You really think the two or three seconds it takes to answer the quick screeners isn’t worth the money?

      I have just under 300 tests total done now. About 10% of those are moderated tests that pay as much as $120, but at least $30. The other 90% is the regular $10 test. So roughly $2700 over the past year from regular tests…

      It’s one of the most efficient uses of your time for beermoney type projects.

        1. If the screeners were like surveys sites, I would agree with you, but there are usually only two or three questions before you get DQed. They literally only take a few seconds, so the time needed to qualify for a test is not very much. Your 50 DQs cost you roughly three minutes of time. One single successful test is still better use of your time than pretty much any other beermoney project.

          Also once you DO finish a few tests and stay at five stars, you do get more opportunities.

          I do agree they need to make users create an actual profile and use it though. It would save everybody a ton of time.

  5. I just leave the page open, pinned, and listen for the “ding”. I probably only qualify for 1/15 tests, but the usually pay out nearly a $1 a minute, and it’s hard to argue with that rate.

    Source: made $2.6K last year from UserTesting.

      1. Probably about 10-20 minutes a day. Rare exception being the live moderated sessions, which are where the real money is at. They almost inevitably run about 25% shorter than they say, so you’re getting paid about $1.25 a minute.

  6. Is there an invite system or something like that? Had tried to sign up but the form has been closed for months

  7. I like to leave the tab open while I’m browsing the web or doing homework. On a good night sometimes I can quality for as many as 3 tests, on a normal night maybe 1-2.

    The screener questions are pretty specific but if you leave the tab open and listen for the alert it’s easier to find a test that you can take.

  8. I applied last night and was accepted and after a few rejected qualifications, finally got one today that I completed. I’m not sure if I was just in the right demographic or what, but I did get DQ’d from I think 6 or so before this one. I kept the window open for about an hour until I got that test.

  9. yea they are and they do zero demographics. today i got a test asking me if i was an english teacher working in thailand. and yet yesterday i got 4 tests done (a personal record). today: zero tests qualified

  10. how often do projects appear? i’ve only ever seen a list of projects appear once when I first joined, quota filled up while i was taking the qualifier questions and I have not seen any more projects come in since then. It’s been weeks now, i leave it open from the time i get home from work till i go to bed but no projects appear at all.

  11. I’m fairly new to the user testing site. I get numerous opportunities but actually qualify for about 8 per week. They are specific to demographics it seems.

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