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How long did it take you to make your first sale on Redbubble?

I’ve about 8 designs on there and only two of them have one view.

How long did it take you?

24 thoughts on “How long did it take you to make your first sale on Redbubble?

  1. For my first sale from a random person, I think it took about eight months. I’ve had my shop since January 2018 and have only made four sales from random people (and they only come every few months), the rest have been from family and friends.

    I’m going to be honest here – unless you already have a social media following (I don’t) – Redbubble is not a “make money quick” kind of deal. I’ve made less than $100 (after fees they take out in order to actually print stuff on the products) in my 14 months of having the shop.

      1. Taking a guess here – probably over 100, featuring nature photography and abstract art.

        I’m not trying to discourage you or anything like that, so I hope you don’t see it that way. I just try to let other people know that making money from Redbubble can be tough – it’s difficult to get discovered there. I have more likes on my stuff than actual sales.

        1. I wasn’t asking to try and disprove you or anything, just genuinely curious.

          It definitely does seem to be a tough thing.

          How often do you upload?

          1. I try to upload once a week, maybe every two weeks or so. I’ll often put some of my designs on private until I can go through and resize everything for the different products – it can be a time consuming thing to do.

  2. Are they strict on copyright stuff ? What about political stuff ? I’m in tons of political groups and I could sell lots of anti and pro second amendment shirts as well as anti abortion and pro choice shirts.
    Do they allow designs like that ?

    I ask about the copyright stuff because I’m also involved in a lot of comic book movie groups.

      1. Ok, thank you. The political stuff is insane popular right now. I bought a truckload of rubber trump and Clinton masks and door mats last year and sold almost all of them in two trips to the flea market.
        I’ve made a lot of money from both sides of the aisle on Facebook and Twitter.

        The pro and anti gun groups as well as abortion themed groups are the best for selling stuff in my experience.
        Make a few Facebook accounts using attractive females as the profile. Then join all the appropriate groups. Be sure to stick with only one political party per account.

        I’ve never sold shirts but I’ve sold lots of other stuff.

        1. Hahaha, I like you man.

          I hope you’re at least donating some of that bigot money to a good cause they wouldn’t approve of!

          1. Well I’m a very strong democrat. I don’t repost those fake news bullcrap things to anywhere other than the groups that I find them in.
            My personal favorite are all the people I see in those groups that I actually know in real life that would not survive without food stamps , ssi, ssd, heap and pip who are so happy to vote against themselves.

            I try not to get into politics on Reddit because unlike Facebook I really like and respect the communities I belong to on Reddit.

            But yeah when
            It comes to making money I’ll play idiots against idiots all day long.

          2. Personally I don’t like calling myself anything, it makes it too easy for people to push you into a box. I’m very left, though.

            So I have a question. How do you actually turn that into money? Do you just pop up and say ‘I made a pro/anti gun shirt, buy jt here’?

          3. I make friends in the group and I play off of what ever strong feelings are the current weekly topic.

            If I find a load of anti or pro trump knick knack I will post it. Amazon affiliate links or any other affiliate links I can get work great.

            The anti abortion folks and the pro me2 crowd are the easiest groups to sell too in my experience. Currently they are out selling all the other demographics I pander too.

      1. I sell livestock related designs so it’s pretty easy for me to tag all the species of livestock plus livestock-y words. What kind of art are you selling ? That might be helpful to know so we can determine the tags to use

  3. Three months. I was also getting upset with how long it was taking, so I started posting one new piece a day. Usually I would just post something quick, like photography or something while I worked more on bigger digital pieces.

    It seemed to help boost my profile enough to start being seen and make occasional sales.

  4. About a week, at first I was uploading 3-5 new designs a day, right now I have over 100 designs and I’m doing 2-3 new designs a week.

  5. after like 3 months I got my first sale. it was a sticker so i got like 20-30 cents. i had 3 designs up. i used a lot of tags and looked up similar things and saw what tags they used.

  6. I put up some public domain art a few months back, and late last month someone bought a sticker. I only got $0.10 for it, and I haven’t made any sales since. I’d say it took about 4 months. I only had 3 works up

  7. Several months. And I still haven’t had a lot of success on RB. My biggest sellers are stickers, and usually it is the political ones.

    I mention this anytime I talk about Redbubble, but I have had a little more success on Design By Humans, and in general I prefer their site much more.

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