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How to be more self-disciplined on internet jobs?

So, I have been procrastinating a lot and not making much money since last year. I disabled most of my social media but it seems like my brain keeps playing tricks on me and I lose the focus all the time. Beermoney is my only source of income so I can’t allow myself to behave like this. Any tips? What do you do to focus?

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  1. My typical advice for people is to give themselves a percentage of the money earned to spend on whatever they want. How much money will motivate you to work? 50%? 70%? Could you still stay motivated with just 20%? Start with what feels good, and slowly lower it as time goes on to an amount that is just barely below what you would like.

    However, that advice is more for people doing /r/beermoney on the side. Making it a job is a lot harder. You need to come up with something that will make yourself do the work. Rewards? Punishments? What works for you might not work for other people. For example, rewards and punishments work for most people, but it doesn’t work well for me anymore. I just have to tell myself “You’re going to earn $___ today. Period.” I don’t think about what happens if I don’t earn that much, because **that just isn’t an option.** That method won’t work for people who are prone to making excuses though.

    /r/getdisciplined might be a better place for advice.

  2. It’s just a side gig for me, but I can totally relate. Are you enjoying what you’re doing? If not, try to find something you might like a little more, even if requires learning new skills. A bit of a challenge can be nice and perhaps that’ll help you enjoy the mundane work a little more.


    Also, I use this app that grows a forest whenever you leave your phone alone. You can set it for specific periods of time. I find it quite motiviating.

    If you need an acountability buddy, I’d be happy to help and just check in with you from time to time. Perhaps we can even help each other make more, who knows. Just PM me if you’d like to.

  3. it all depends on how much time do you have. if you only do this very casually you can’t just setup a goal because you will not be consistent.

    if you do this most of the day then set a goal and try to stick to it

  4. If you’re only doing things that don’t pay much per task or that don’t pay at all (survey DQs), that could affect your motivation. Try to find something that pays well online so you can do the beermoney stuff on the side for fun or a change of pace when you need a break from your main thing. 100% agree with the some of the other advice here too (find something you like and set goals). Good luck.

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