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6 thoughts on “How To Find Affiliate Marketing Offers And Products To Promote

  1. Thank you for the helpful information that you shared! I do not use JVZoo (I am not being comfortable with waiting to be approved, I want to choose the products and try to sell them), but I do work with a company that does affiliate marketing (like Amazon and Ebay and Shopify) but is also a MLM (I get paid for sponsoring other affiliates) and I also get paid for recruiting vendors to sell their products or services with our company (you can imagine the potential for residual income here, getting paid when other affiliates sell from the vendor that I recruited). I also get an estore but is free. The membership is free to this website, never have to pay a dime. Let me know if is something that you might want to find more info about (via youtube or G+). Anyway, great training! Thank you!

  2. Great video with much helpful affiliate information how to promote products and build more income streams online, ..but do you make enough sales/money on the front-end offers… It’s rather disappointing to spend much time and money to bring in enough leads with all your marketing campaigns and make sales as for the same effort can skyrocket your business earnings -having recurring income for life, earn big commissions through the entire business sales funnel with less work, less leads and make much more money.. would this change everything.. I believe so. If you like this then check out this proven company who are looking for serious partners

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