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How To Make Extra Money As A Freelancer?

Online you can provide a number of services. In many cases you’ll operate as a self employed person. You’ll be a freelancer. As a freelancer there are many things you need to know and an abundance of ways to make money.

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is someone who provides a service to another person or business. They’re not employed by the person or business but rather provide work on a project or consultative basis. The customer and the freelancer may use a work for hire agreement that outlines the project’s parameters. However, the freelancer is responsible for all taxes, insurance, social security, retirement and so forth. A freelancer works for themselves.

Online Freelancing Bonanza

As the internet continues to grow, more and more freelancing opportunities surface. You can freelance as a sales consultant, accountant, writer, designer, administrative assistant or even a photographer. If you can provide the service online, you can be a freelancer.

So how do you make money freelancing?

Here are just some of the potential freelancing opportunities you can take advantage of.

* Tutor
* Copywriter
* Sales person
* Consultant
* Writer
* Coach
* Administrative assistant
* Social networker
* PR Advisor
* Graphic designer
* Website manager

This is just a short list. As mentioned, if you can provide the service online, you can be a freelancer.

How Do You Find Freelancing Jobs?

There are actually an abundance of freelance job sites. Elance may be the most notable but guru and ifreelance follow close behind. Here is a short list of a few additional freelance sites:

* WebProJobs
* FreshWebJobs
* 37Signals GigBoard
* Krop
* SoloGig

Additionally, you can find freelance jobs listed in the classified section of your newspaper and also on Craigslist and other directories and free classified sites.

Getting Those Freelance Jobs

The first step to getting a freelance job is to build a portfolio. If you don’t have any experience create a faux portfolio. For example, if you want article writing jobs then write a few articles. Bid on the jobs that best match your skills and goals. As you begin to win clients you’ll be able to add more to your portfolio. You’ll also boost your feedback rating and earn more clients.

Also explore marketing tactics that may work for your services. For example, start a blog and write about your industry. Submit articles to article directories and use social networking. You can take control of your finances and earn the extra money you need.

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