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How To Make Extra Money Only Your Design Skills

Do you have a knack for design? Are you able to create websites, graphic images, and logos quickly and easily? If you understand the basic concepts of design and enjoy flexing your artistic muscles then you earn extra money with your design skills. Let’s take a look at a few fun ways you can earn extra income.

#1 Logo Designer

A logo is important to a business. It not only identifies the business, it represents the brand and helps create an image in their audience’s mind. Think about the Nike swish or the Target red circles. Those images have become part of our consciousness. As a logo designer you can help businesses create a lasting image and brand their business.

Getting clients isn’t as difficult as you might think. Create a few logos on your own so you have a portfolio of images. Tell others about your logo design services. Begin searching on freelance job sites for projects. As you complete each new job, add the image to your portfolio. You can also join DesignCrowd or LogoArena to compete with other designers to earn jobs.

#2 Website Designer

Website design is a unique field. There are many different formats you can work in. From Joomla to WordPress you can specialize or become proficient in the most popular website formats. You can also offer customization meaning you modify existing website templates. The key to being a good website designer is understanding how people navigate a website. Of course you also need to have good design sensibilities!

Again, you can find clients via freelance job sites. Also, once you have a few happy clients in your portfolio ask them to recommend and refer you to others. You can build a business quickly with word of mouth advertising.

#3 Ebook Covers/Digital Product Graphics

More and more writers and readers are discovering the benefits of ebooks. However, even a digital book needs a cover. The cover must represent what the book is about, be attractive, and motivate people to buy the book. The cover of a book is extremely important. Designing book covers and graphics for digital products can be quite fun. Imagine visiting Amazon and seeing your book covers on display!

To get started, begin by creating a portfolio of sample covers. You can find customers at freelance job sites and consider connecting online with a few information marketers and publishers. A few good connections can keep you busy and help you make the extra money you need.

If you have design skills and a passion for creating images consider offering your design services. You can make good money quickly. It can be a wonderful way to earn extra income doing something you love.

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