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How To Make Money From Online Advertising?

Want to earn some extra money? You can earn cash by selling advertising online. There are actually several advertising models that are profitable.

Selling Advertising on Your Own Blog or Website

If you own a blog or website already you can sell advertising space. The more traffic you have, the more you can charge for your advertisement space. To do this you’ll want to create a separate page on your site with advertising prices, policies, and contact information.

You can also earn advertising profits on your existing blog or website by participating in a pay per click or PPC advertising program. Google AdWords is an example of a PPC advertising program. It’s free to join. You make money when visitors click on the ads embedded in your content or on your website.

Once you sign up you fill out some information about your website, choose your ad size, style, and design and get your code. The code is an easy cut and paste into your website. Most advertising programs including AdWords have quick and easy tutorials to show you how to insert the code. They also help you optimize your ads to make the most money.

If you don’t have an existing website or blog you can launch one. Choose a topic that is in demand and doesn’t have too much competition. The more focused your topic the more money you can make from advertising.


You can make money from videos too. The first step is to create a YouTube channel. It’s free. Once you have a channel you’ll want to choose a niche or a specialty topic to create your videos on. For example, if you’re a whiz at organizing you can create how to videos on organizing. Once you build up an audience of subscribers you can apply to monetize your videos. Just like with Google’s AdSense you post advertising code into the code of your video. Each time someone watches your video and clicks on the ad you make money.

Beyond Blogs, Videos, and Websites

Squidoo pages and other content publishing sites allow you to create your own profile, publish content and ads and to earn a profit. Advertising profits are right for you if you enjoy writing and building websites or blogs. If you’re active online and enjoy sharing information about a specialty topic then you can make good money from advertising. It’s a fun and interesting way to profit from your passions and earn extra cash.

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