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How To Sell Your Special Recipe Online Successfully

Many families pass down recipes from generation to generation. They’re valuable because they carry history with them. And they help create a sense of tradition. You may also have your own special recipe, something you make well that everyone asks you to make often. You can make money with this special recipe.

Selling The Recipe

You can actually sell the recipe online. Consider putting together a short ebook or report with your family recipes and selling it online. You can sell the book for a few dollars and pocket the extra cash. Digital publishing is fast, easy, and inexpensive.

You can also create a blog or website with family recipes and earn money selling advertising space and promoting affiliate products. If you enjoy cooking or baking and are willing to share your efforts with others online you can blog. Your blog posts can be monetized by publishing advertisements in them. Check out Google’s AdSense. Or you can link to the products you use and like to earn commissions on sales.

Finally, you can also shoot a video of you making the recipe and publish it on YouTube. YouTube videos can be monetized by adding advertisements to them. You earn money based on clicks and sales.

Selling The Product

You can also make the recipe and sell the food online. From candy to ketchup you can sell homemade food online. One of the best sites to do this is Foodzie. Thousands of cooks from around the world market and sell their food online via Foodzie. Before you get started selling your grandma’s sauerkraut or your daughter’s favorite candy recipe, make create a good product.

That means making sure your recipe turns out perfect. It also means packaging your food in an attractive way. Finally, you’ll also have to make sure you are able to ship your food in an efficient and cost effective manner. The last thing you want your customers to receive is spoiled or ruined food.

Planning Is Key

The next step, once you’ve decided how you’re going to make money from that special recipe, is to plan. Decide who your audience and customer are. Price your item competitively. Build your website, webpage or online store. Market your business, perfect your process, and start making money from your passion. You can make money online and profit from your passions!

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