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20 thoughts on “How To Setup and Launch Your Product On JVZoo

  1. Hi Aurelius .. great vid thank you .. quick question I am just setting up a product for launch Friday 23rd ..but I can't find the Share on Facebook button .that you point to ?? Has it disappeared from the Sellers Setup page? cheers Philip J. Lord

  2. Hi, I have a site: I want to create few e books, on various subjects about welbeing but also include a music song to the e book, then sell it on my site using jvzoo, in addition of giving out a commission ot the promoters(affiliates) I will donate a % to non profit organizations, starting with one about clean water. The question is, how do I make the jvzoo site/product, is that done with jvzoo? in contrast or in comparison , with clickbank you need ot make a site for example with wordpress, or a html site, etc. is this the case for jvzoo?  or my site that sells physical products and also digital produts is good for this?

  3. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much. One question that came to mind while watching; why (and this is lack of experience asking) would a seller not let certain affiliates sell the product? Say those that have not sold "25+"? Is there a lot of fraud or mis-information potentially spread by a few malicious affiliates? I guess I wouldn't have ever thought of that unless you walked us through it. Thanks again!

  4. Aurelius Tjin, You Rock! As a past customer of yours let me say Thank You. I wasted alot of time with my setup until I stumbled upon your video. Your products have helped me prior to launch and this video got me though the launch. Awesome!

  5. Once you create a product or add a product on can you then go back and use their site to create a landing page or do you need to create a landing page via your email integration platform?

  6. Love the vid you answered every question that was dancing around in my mind about jvzoo. The only question i do have is where would I as a vendor place my product for download or access? Is there any service in particular that you would recommend.

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