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I am going to do as much Microworkers as I can for 5 days.

Hi guys,

So recently I started using microworkers a few years ago, and have received somewhere along the lines of 50 payouts. I came across it again, and have made a good bit of beer money last week.

What really got me going on it was I found some Twitter tasks paying 0.65 each. So I got the 100 followers from one of those follow4follow websites (took 30min) that were required, and did all of these tasks, there were about 60 of these.

They’re starting to get approved, and I should make about $40 from those alone, and it took about 1-2 hours to complete all of them. It was VERY repetitive. Anyway I have some time off at the moment, so I want to see how much I can earn from completing as much tasks as I can. Either until there are none left that I can do, or I am fed up with it.

I will report my earnings/projected earnings here daily if I remember, and when they are all approved see how much I made.

33 thoughts on “I am going to do as much Microworkers as I can for 5 days.

        1. Check the TTR of the task (time to rate) that is hoe many days the employer takes to pay, otherwise you are paid automatically after 7 days.

  1. Never heard of 60 Twitter tasks all the same paying such a high amount. You must have got lucky! Congrats!

    I don’t have much luck with social media tasks lately. They seem to have all dried up for me, sadly.

    I’d be interested to see your earnings, please do post them!

    Edit: How much have you earned roughly with those 50+ cash outs over the years? Like what’s your total earnings?

      1. I checked the twiiter account of the employer. Maybe is it legit, but it is very rare. I made 100 task there and I have average payment 0.1213 USD per task. And there is no way, that You can make a batch of tasks.

        1. The employer doesnt have a twitter did you mean my twitter? They are not HG jobs so anybody in the USA has these tasks if they go to jobs>twitter. Unless they are completed of course.

          1. I showed a screenshot of the completed tasks. No question of legitimacy. Not sure if available in EU i can check.

  2. Is there any way I can spend the 5 dollars I made on microworkers on creating a NEW microjob for my website without having to deposit 10 dollars on micorworkers?

    1. You can use the money you earned to host a job, but I believe there is a pretty high minimum and it isn’t very effective.

      1. I actually have enough for the minimum of 30 participants to do a small task but when I try to activate it, it says that I need to verify with a 10 dollar deposit 🙁

        1. Yeah sorry bro, I remember having to do some extra steps to get to start hosting jobs. I won’t be doing it for a while.

  3. I haven’t tried Microworkers, but I think I’ll check it out. Those Twitter tasks sound pretty awesome.

  4. Hi guys i didnt get to do much today i was very tired. I am currently sitting at $11 in my microworkers account and 50 unrated jobs (.50-.75) and 11 unrated hire group jobs. It is only tuesday so we will see what i make by weeks end. I am also running low on data do i may go to starbucks to get some done.

    Quick tip. Since all twitter tasks require you to upload and screenshot and do not have the upload file option, the easiest way to do this is through the imgbb.

    I just wanted to add that i don’t have a laptop so i do all my online work on mobile. I may use the MicroWorkers cash to buy a cheap laptop which wouor make everything quicker and easier.

    I usually multi task with 2 different browsers or i multitask twitter and chrome on my android phone so i don’t have to switch between apps.

    I have barley used this site or any money site since 2013 and in 2013 my best month was november with about $80. I was in my teens then and knew nothing about efficiency and belive you can make a few hundred if you are consistent.

    It is nice because once you cash out, your old tasks are rstd and the next day you can cash out again. To me, $20 per day is realistic without wanting to die of boredom. That’s $140 a week and will be my goal for the week. Some of the tasks however may not be rated until the week after since employers have 7 days.

      1. Thanks. Saw some of those twitter tasks you talk about going for around 0.85 and various other rates. Wonder if my locality has anything to do with it (I’m UK based)

        1. There is over 60 of them at .65 each which is prob .85 in your currency. They all consist of the same steps they are rated by Member_1014973 and mostly consist of sharing rebel wilson articles.

  5. Thanks. Im in USA and have had a membership since 2013. There used to be a sick seo company that had their own website with google search built in where you searched 3 times on their site directly and got 0.25. They were so easy and there was 50 at least daily. Really good money when they were around. Wish i remembered the companies name.

    1. That sucks man. I had something similar I liked to every day, idk what’s happening with it though. Seeing how good y’all have it out there has kinda inspired me to work harder on it lol. I look forward to seeing tomorrow!

  6. It doesn’t sound like English is your first language, so I’m curious where you are from, and if this would be the same in America.

    1. I’m in the US and they do have those tasks for US. There are always easy tasks that pay a decent rate. I even like the Click Search (if you do those well, after a reasonable amount of time you’ll be offered to test for some better earning opps that are more detail-oriented in nature…I think because they trust you not to screw up their reputation).

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