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I finally made my first $10 on QuickThoughts

…and they banned me, lmao.

My phone froze right in the middle of trying to verify, so I had to restart it. Once I tried to log back in, I got that error message. Wasn’t able to cash out at all.

I had joined the club before I even started using the app (they banned me for inactivity) but this is my official entry.

26 thoughts on “I finally made my first $10 on QuickThoughts

  1. congratz, you are now a true member of this sub! Getting invited to the banned from QT club is essentially a rite of passage for all beermoney members at this point.. its unfortunate you got it before even cashing out a few times tho.. RIP

    1. awhile back i remember a user in here claiming they got banned before even finishing one survey for $2. reason i remember that case is because it made me stop using QT for a few month’s until the “fire” settled out. since at the time they were actually on a shoot anything that’s not bolted or already bleeding streak.

  2. I find it so strange that they do it for seemingly no reason. Right now it is my best source of beermoney and I have not had any issues. Maybe you can contact support to try and get unbanned. Worth a shot

  3. Try shooting them an email. I got banned before and sent them one and they unbanned me like 2 days later at the appropriate account balance.

      1. That certainly hasn’t been everyone’s experience. I was banned and sent an email and they unbanned me fairly quickly. I’ve heard the same from others.

        1. Well, this would be the second time I’ve reached out to them to unban me.

          I signed up a month ago but didn’t use the app, so when I tried using it two weeks ago, I realized the banned they account when I couldn’t login. I contacted support and they fixed everything.

          I emailed them again a day ago about this issue and they replied back saying they banned me indefinitely.

  4. I’m honestly surprised I was able to cash out $10. I go on earning binges. Started on one again recently. So I’ve been going through old apps seeing what was still good. Most of them had cleared out my earnings. Except QT and Swagbucks, but I was doing the daily poll on swagbucks anytime they sent me an email telling me they were about to deactivate my account. I had around $6 on QT so I did a few of surveys and cashed it out. Makes me feel real lucky. I thought about keeping the app, but I decided it want really worth it considering how easily people get banned.

  5. I just got banned after some cash out issues. Also, had a weird survey today that wanted me to product test a tracking app at the end of the survey.

  6. Welcome to the club, My Dear Friend! You have joined a very long list of predecessors who went before you. QT is a really strange little company. I do not understand why they ban people for the stupidest shit.

    Is it worth contacting Support or just a waste of time?

    1. I contacted support and got no response, so then I reached out to them on FB and they told me I was banned indefinitely. I’m trying the BBB route but I feel like it won’t help much.

  7. My suggestion is always keep your answers throughout the surveys consistent. ( I pretty much made a fake identity.) Also don’t rush through the surveys and actually try answering them. Especially the written ones. If you get banned msg them on Facebook to get unbanned. I was banned after my first $10 as well but got unbanned within a couple days, all good since.

      1. Lmao! That blows, hopefully you get it sorted. I haven’t had any luck this time around with support.

        And yeah, I always try to be very consistent and honest with any survey app/site that I use but this was totally random. I had no problems until I tried cashing out.

  8. Does QuickThoughts only have iTunes GC? I started using the app before I joined reddit so I didn’t know about the issues, but I have almost $50 racked up on there and it only shows iTunes GCs as rewards. I’d much rather get amazon or something.

  9. I literally got banned (it seems) as soon as I signed up, so I guess I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.

  10. Dang I didnt know they were so ban happy. I made $40 with them so far but I waited the 72 hours to try to cash out after signing up. I had a friend who did it too and kept trying to cash out before that timeframe and got banned.

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