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I got accepted for Mturk 18 days ago

But just saw the email will this affect anything or can i still register?

14 thoughts on “I got accepted for Mturk 18 days ago

  1. I have under 500 Hits done, tomorrow is my 10th day and I’ve done over $100, would have been more but the first two days didn’t really count and I focused on my other job 2 of those days. Definitely worth it for me.

    1. First, decide what minimum amount you’re willing to accept per hour. For instance, I don’t like to do anything that doesn’t pay at least $6/hour. I have some scripts installed, like Hit Forker, which shows the estimated hourly pay of each HIT listed, and PANDA, which will grab them for you.

      Looking at Hit Forker, if you see a high-paying survey that you missed, click the O in Hit Forker next to the job so that PANDA can snag it when someone else lets it go. That happens more often than you would think.

      If you find a recurring HIT that works for you, click the P so that PANDA can again get those whenever you have the script active. It will alert you. This frees you up to do other things, either looking for new HITS or other beermoney things.

      This takes a bit of time to set up, but it’s overall extremely helpful. I apologize that this isn’t the best explanation, but it hopefully showd how you can make more than $1/hour. I’m no pro and not even very good, really, though I find it very worthwhile. If you decide to give it another go, I wish you the best!

      edit: added a few words that I’d forgotten

    2. ive made 58$ today not counting bonuses. i also received 11$ in bonuses from last weeks work. plus i will receive between 5 to 10$ in bonuses from todays earnings over the next week.

      there is good money to be made turking if you do the research and apply yourself. A young lady in one of my facebook groups has earned 110$ today so far but i know she has masters as well as many closed quals and does transcription as well.

      i do not have masters and will never do transcriptions. i do get quals often but anyone can do that

      1. it really seems the older turkers that have been around a good long time tend to have the most luck with closed quals and such. Most people will not get near 50 a day. Part of it is steep learning curve, part of it is most people just cant keep doing the same thing over and over and over.

        1. mturk is all about competition. it’s more like “here’s a batch with 1800 available, with a payrate of 7.80/hr” and 20 minutes later..gone. how? using scripts. knowing what requester is “trustworthy”, so on etc.

          short form: more workers, not always enough work. so you have to play the game to make it all balance. somedays you can be on for 2 hours and make it to $5, then out of nowhere you’re off to the races on something that is posted (there’s no time table, requesters publish at any time, any part of the day) and suddenly you’re at $26 and still have a full queue of hits to work on.

          ie: that was me yesterday, and in the last few days. it’s the mid-February boom right now. but main lesson, everyone will experience different results. and there’s always 100’s grabbing one survey/batch for one requester. so you have to keep a trained eye.

          last week i made around $5 in bonus payments, and $5 so far this week in bonuses. but you can’t focus on the bonus money. it’s that base pay that matters. the bonus is just misc to me. nice addition, but should never be the focal point at all, because requester *do lie* about bonus money, or manipulate something along the way.

      1. Very wrong. Im terrible at it but a few scripts and a bit of time and I can make about $10 in 90 minutes. Not a lot but still better than nothing during my free time

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