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I know you all think Rev is a waste of time, but…

I’ve made $60 using Rev in the past two days as a rookie and plan to that earn about the same or more in just one day today as a Revver. Here are my tips to those who don’t know, on how to be a slavescriber on Rev.
So yes, if you’re somewhat financially stable and don’t have a lot of free time, then Rev sucks. However, if you’re in need of some cash, like yesterday, have a free day, and don’t have the time to go through the process of getting a part time job and waiting for your first check, Rev is the way to go.
Addressing the problems with Rev, it is annoying sifting through the garbage audio files, with heavy accents that sounds like it was recorded with a potato. It’s nice that I’m able to preview the files before claiming them. If the audio is clear in most of it, I claim it because there’s no limit on how many times you can use the inaudible time stamp, at least not that I’m aware of.
I wish there were more options to adjust the audio, but I make do with what’s available. I usually slow down the audio. This helps with my typing keeping up with their pace of speech and I’m able to decipher some hard to understand words more clearly in slower audio. Often times, the phrase or word I couldn’t understand initially is repeated again and more clearer later in the file. Woohoo! Context clues? Utilize google too. Just type what you think you heard and the subject of the audio, such as “self sheeting flex core welding” will come up the more accurate “self shielding flux core welding.” Thank Darwin for google.
If you’re a slow typer, then yes, transcription sucks and takes a long time. At 40-60 wpm, depending how tired my little ‘ol claws are, it takes me 2 1/2 hours to transcribe 50 minute audio, using my tips and tricks. As a rookie, that’s about $20, so like $8 an hour?!?! POOPYCOCK! But as I said, I’m a broke butt and I gots to make my coins somehow that I need right now.
Finally, make sure you keep up your metrics. I’ve found that Rev has some annoyingly tough graders. If you have a few errors, then your formatting grade or accuracy score goes down a whole point or two. Proofreading is important. I didn’t proofread a couple of my transcripts and it showed, although I think it’s stupid to negate a point or two all because of a few small errors out of a whole 50 minute document. Just proofread to keep your metrics up, and make more money because if your metrics drop below their standards of even a rookie, you’re out. You can get demoted, in which case you have lower paying, trash jobs offered to you.
I’ve considered camming, selling undergarments, flipping, stripping and phone sex operating. Desperate times call for desperate measures, unfortunately, and the little part time job I have right now is not keeping me afloat.
I’ve also made about $50 on Prolific in two weeks last month. I got really lucky and I guess I met the demographic requirements to qualify for mad surveys, but now it’s dry. I only got three surveys in two weeks. T-T but luckily this last sexy survey I did pays £7.50, that’s like $9.90 US BANDS. Yezz baby!
I’m basically just posting this to share my experience and give hope to those of y’all who broke just like me and strapped for cash just like me or may be in the future. I’d like to never ever bee in financial trouble like this ever again, but ju’know. Life is a beautiful woman, but sometimes she get a little spiteful.
PS ya gyal is still broke, but hopefully not for long!

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