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Idle-Empire – Earn PayPal, Gift Cards & More | An extensive overview

# Introduction

This is a full overview about [Idle-Empire](, a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that’s been around since 2015. Idle-Empire is primarily targeted towards gamers, but they also have payouts through PayPal, Gift Cards, Cryptocurrencies, and Perfect Money – so I think it’s a good fit for r/beermoney too!

Idle-Empire has a lot of different earning and payout methods, some that you won’t find on regular GPT sites. I’ll go over every earning and payout method in this post.

# Links

You get 500 Points ($0.05) for free when you sign up through my referral link, and of course, you support me too. I’ll also include a clean link for people who prefer not to use my referral link:

### [Referral Link]( | [Clean Link](

# Supported Countries

As far as I’m aware, there are no country restrictions on Idle-Empire. Everyone can sign up. There are some earning methods where your country does not matter, for others it does matter. People from all countries are able to idle, mine, complete promotions, and collect referrals. The availability of surveys, offers, and videos depend on your country.

# Currency Value

Idle-Empire uses the term “Points” for their virtual currency. 10,000 Points are worth $1.00.

# Payout Proof

I can provide this [Coinbase payout proof](

# Payout Conditions

The minimum payout amount is $0.10 for most payout methods. Some payout methods like gift cards ($1.00 – $10.00) or PayPal ($2.50) have a higher minimum payout amount.

You’ll need to verify your account before you can make your first payout. You can verify your account with your mobile phone number, a verification code will be sent to your phone number.

# Earning Methods

In this section, I’ll describe all available earning methods and add my personal opinion and experience about every method.

### Surveys & Offers

I guess everybody here is familiar with the concept of surveys and offers. They are tasks that involve answering questions, downloading programs and mobile apps, registering on platforms, and much more. It’s a grind but it can pay off since there are some offers that pay good money. Idle-Empire has a number of different offerwalls, here’s a full list:

– AdgateRewards
– AdscendMedia
– TrialPay
– OfferToro
– AyetStudios
– PeanutLabs
– SuperRewards
– KiwiWall
– Personaly
– Wannads
– AdWorkMedia
– OfferDaddy
– RevenueUniverse
– MoreTvTime
– MinuteStaff

Personally, I like doing surveys and offers because they pay well. But it’s also more work than other earning methods. No pain, no gain.

### Videos

Idle-Empire has videos from EngageMe.TV, Smores.TV, and Hideout.TV. I believe many of you guys are familiar with those 3 providers, they are all owned by AdscendMedia. All you have to do is watch videos and sometimes there’s gonna be an advertisement in between videos, and after every 3 ads, you get paid 50 Points.

I liked to do videos in the past because it was easy and fast. Now I do it less, I feel that it became slower because I get fewer ads than before.

### Game Servers

You have to join the Team Fortress 2 game servers of Idle-Empire and every minute you receive 1 Point. That’s 1440 Points per day, which is $0.144 per day or $4.32 per month. It’s not much but you don’t have to do anything for it except being on the server. This process is called “idling” because you don’t do anything. Idle-Empire shows video ads on the servers, so I guess that’s how they can afford to pay people for being on the servers.

[Team Fortress 2 is free-to-play on Steam](, so everyone can just install it.

Idle-Empire also has an [Autojoin tool]( which makes sure you automatically get reconnect to the server in case of a disconnected (can happen if your internet is down for a moment).

I’m usually on the game servers 24/7 because it’s free money for me – my computer is always running anyways and having the game run in the background doesn’t bother me since it’s not slowing down my computer.

### Mining

Most people will have noticed the cryptocurrency craze during 2017 and 2018, where mining also played an important role. Idle-Empire has its own cryptocurrency miner and you get paid for running it on your computer.

The average hashrate is currently 261 hashes per second. There’s a calculator on the Idle-Empire website and it says that you earn 32,451 Points per month with that hashrate – that’s $3.24. Note that this is just the current average, you might earn less or more depending on the GPU and CPU you have.

The issue with mining is that it takes your computer a lot of its CPU/GPU power, so you won’t be able to use it for other stuff in the meantime. Your computer will also consume more electricity. I believe mining isn’t worth it for most people anymore unless you don’t pay for electricity.

I’ve used mining about 10 months ago or so and it was much more profitable at the time, I was making $0.80 – $0.90 per day. Haven’t done it since the profitability went down, I think for most people it’s only worth it now if you have free electricity.

### Referrals

Idle-Empire has a simple referral system – you earn 20% of what your referrals earn through surveys/offers, servers, and mining. Here are the terms:

– The referred user must be new to Idle-Empire
– You earn 20% of all Points that the referred user earns through surveys/offers, servers, and mining
– You earn 50 Points for every new referred user
– The referred user earns 500 Points when signing up through your referral link

20% is pretty nice and I believe it can be a good passive income if you get active referrals.

### Promotions

Promotions are basically offers from Idle-Empire. Most promotions are simple to complete.

There are some promotions that you can do on a daily basis just by pressing a button, that’s pretty good. Also, I think it’s worth to complete all the tasks that just require a few button clicks like verifying your email or following them on social media.

Here’s a full list of all promotions:

#### Basic

– Verify your email address (50 Points)
– Connect a social media account to your Idle-Empire account (50 Points per account)

#### Follow Social Media

– Join the Idle-Empire Steam group (100 Points)
– Follow Idle-Empire on Twitter (100 Points)
– Join the Idle-Empire Discord server (100 Points)

#### Daily Tasks

– Include Idle-Empire in your Steam name (50 Points per day)
– Change your Steam avatar to the Idle-Empire avatar (50 Points per day)
– Roll a daily dice on the Idle-Empire Discord server (10 to 1,000 Points per day)

#### Invite Friends

– Invite people to the Idle-Empire Steam group (10 Points per user)
– Invite people to the Idle-Empire Discord server (30 Points per user)

#### Create Content

– Create a YouTube video about Idle-Empire (5,000 Points)
– Create a forum post about Idle-Empire (2,000 Points)
– Create a blog post about Idle-Empire (10,000 Points)

# Payout Methods

In this section, I’ll quickly summarize the available payout methods.

#### PayPal

I’m sure everyone is familiar with [PayPal]( Idle-Empire sends USD to your PayPal account. There’s a fee of $0.30 + 2.9%.

#### Gift Cards

They currently offer gift cards for the following platforms:

– Amazon
– Paysafecard
– Google Play
– iTunes
– Netflix
– Steam
– XBox
– Playstation
– Nintendo
– G2A
– Kinguin
– Rixty
– League of Legends

#### Cryptocurrencies

Idle-Empire has cryptocurrency payouts through [Coinbase]( The coins will be sent to your Coinbase account with zero fees. These currencies are supported:

– Bitcoin
– Bitcoin Cash
– Ethereum
– Litecoin

#### Perfect Money

[Perfect Money]( might be an alternative to PayPal for some people, especially when PayPal isn’t available in your country. Perfect Money funds can be converted to Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Payoneer, and many others. Idle-Empire sends USD to your Perfect Money account.

#### BitSkins

[BitSkins]( is a marketplace for Steam items, mainly for CS:GO and TF2 skins but many other games are supported too. Idle-Empire sends USD balance to your BitSkins account.

#### OPSkins

[OPSkins]( is a marketplace for virtual and physical items. Idle-Empire sends Operation Points to your OPSkins account.

#### CSGOShop

[CSGOShop]( is a marketplace similar to BitSkins but apparently, it has fewer users and supports fewer games. Idle-Empire sends USD balance to your CSGOShop account.

#### KeyJoker

[KeyJoker]( seems to be a website where you can buy cheap indie Steam games. Idle-Empire sends credits to your KeyJoker account.

# Boosters

Idle-Empire has “Boosters” that are randomly created on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Boosters temporarily increase the earnings for one earning method, the boost can range from 1% to 100% and lasts a few hours. I’ve seen boosters for surveys/offers, videos, mining, and the game servers.

# Conclusion

Idle-Empire can be a good alternative to traditional GPT sites for many users, especially since it doesn’t have any country restrictions.

It has some unconventional earning methods like idling, mining, and some promotions but you’ll also find the usual surveys, offers, and videos. Idle-Empire has many different offer walls, so that’s nice if you like to grind.

The payout methods are primarily targeted towards gamers but they also have payouts through PayPal, Gift Cards, Cryptocurrencies, and Perfect Money. So I guess there’s something for everybody.

The boosters on weekends are a good opportunity to complete some high paying offers and get a nice bonus on top. Coupons are also regularly posted on Twitter and the other social media channels and they can be redeemed in just a few seconds, so that’s fast and easy.

I hope this extensive overview was helpful to some people! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Idle-Empire – Earn PayPal, Gift Cards & More | An extensive overview

    1. I’ve used it some time ago, don’t know how much I made back then. Started using it again now and made about $45 so far, mostly from offers!

        1. Many months unless he’s also doing tasks, which are probably worth little or one-offs. And CPU mining would constitute making a lot less due to electricity usage, not to mention wearing out your hardware having this running 24/7 and having to buy new parts or a new computer altogether. These crypto-miners have been debunked long ago. Take his figure of $3.24 and $4.32 a month (while also running game applications and crypto miners, both intensive on your machine) you’re talking $7.56 monthly or $90.72 annually BEFORE transaction fees which probably isn’t even enough to cover the electricity used and the new parts/computer you’ll have to buy in several years.

          1. you can make great money from offers providing the site pays good rates. its not uncommon for me to make 20$ or more a day clicking on offers in between mturk hits and microworkers jobs.
            With the offerwalls the opening post says this site has it wouldnt be hard to earn 45$ in a days time doing free stuff. you could do better than that if you did trials and paids as well

          2. In my experience, places that pay awful rates on several things typically pay awful rates for everything else too. It’s hard to believe they are only making slight profit from mining and idling which means it’s a sweat shop and they will probably shaft you on offers too.

            **Edit: some of their payouts are kinda okay on their offer walls however most are unusually low. One I looked at and compared to a decent paywall had a 20% or more disparity. I would strongly advise against doing the tasks I mentioned previously, and if you do the offers be very selective because most of these rates are awful (At a glance I see disparities as high as $5). Just having your computer running 24/7 will drastically reduce its lifespan, that goes double for running a video game or a miner on top of that.**

          3. crypto mining payouts on these faucet/mining type sites are horrible everywhere.
            that doesnt mean they are going to have bad pay rates on their offers.
            i have no desire to do any type of mining or letting anything run on my PC. i do not even watch the passive videos. i am strictly interested in doing offer wall offers.

          4. You : all I care about are the offers

            *proceeds to respond to every critique I made except the one about the offers*

          5. i did not feel your comment concerning the offers needed a reply. you said they pay unusually high on some of their offer walls and that was enough to make me decide the site is worth a few minutes of my time to join and check out.

            i addressed the parts of your comment i felt needed addressing. i do not see any why i should take it into consideration the fact that the site has crypto faucets or one of those shitty mining software programs when i have no interest in those things.

            if they are paying unusually high on some of their walls then thats great in my book.

            im not sure what else you want me to say ?

          6. It’s not addressed for you, it’s a generalized warning for anybody reading it.

            The time you spend digging through a shit pile looking for gold can be better spent elsewhere but have at it.

          7. No but I rotate through old emails. I basically have unlimited amounts from over the years. I use the same one many times before I switch

        2. I’m not sure as I made the majority from doing some well paying offers but it wasn’t active grinding. I spent some time on it when I had nothing else to do… maybe 5-6 hours in total, but over the course of 10 days or so.

  1. Personally I find nothing to get excited over the prospect of being able to cash out $0.10.

    And I am absolutey disgusted by the clawback of $0.30 + 2.9% for Paypal. So you can kiss your first 3,000 points goodbye + 2.9% however much that is going to cost.

    Just how long is it going to take to earn that initial 3,000 anyway? I call this pretty much a borderline scam.

    The fact that they have to resort to using such an exaggerated scale for their point system, ie. 10,000 Points = $1.00 speaks volumes about their intentions.

    This is all smoke and mirrors folks: They want to appear as if they are giving something with one hand, while taking back the pathetic amount they are paying with the other hand.

    Complete waste of time and energy from the looks of it.

    Thanks for the detailed and straightforward review though. Always good to be aware of these shady sites and their questionable practises.

    1. >And I am absolutey disgusted by the clawback of $0.30 + 2.9% for Paypal. So you can kiss your first 3,000 points goodbye + 2.9% however much that is going to cost.

      >Just how long is it going to take to earn that initial 3,000 anyway? I call this pretty much a borderline scam.

      When I got my $5 PayPal payout I’ve seen that they do send the full $5 but PayPal takes the $0.30 + 2.9% away from it in fees. So I wouldn’t call it a scam, I agree it would be nice if Idle-Empire covered the fees insted though.

  2. Been using this for a few years on and off, it’s not really a good site to make money off of it. It’s really meant for the minorities who want to earn in game items. I mostly just do the daily check ins.

  3. Can being AFK on their TF2 servers get you VAC banned? Cause I’m not risking my Steam account for this.

  4. I just want to say using the source engine to serve ads is kind of genius and is likely absolutely against the EULA. I’m not judging the morality of it, just as a big player of tf2 back in the day its interesting to see what use cases are there keeping it alive.

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