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Idle-Empire: Might Be A Scam, Is Definitely Untrustworthy

I tested the first offer I received after making an account, and followed instructions perfectly.


Congratulations, you qualify for one of our high paying offers!

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Create a new account at the Eurogrand Casino through the button below

Deposit 10 CAD

Play with at least 5 CAD at the casino

Enjoy your $60 payout on Idle-Empire

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Note: Please create a support ticket once you completed all steps, we will make sure you receive your payout.


Posted support ticket and waited a week for them to check.


There could be several reasons why the offer could not be approved but the main reasons are:

1) Very likely the user completed this offer via another source (i.e. not via KiwiWall), the tracking system is 100% reliable so if someone signed up via another wall or GPT site, we are not credited and thus not the user neither.

2) It could also be the user did not follow the offer instructions properly, for instance, he deposited the funds into sports and not the casino. This has happened to us many times before.

3) It could be the user had an account previously with William Hill and cannot open another account, so anything like this would not trigger an approval either. And there could be other reasons but these are the main possible reasons.

– The offer has been declined we have no way to influence this decision.


The above response is a copy-paste, and doesn’t actually tell me why I was declined. None of the reasons given are accurate, and without more information, I can only conclude that it was a scam. I don’t mind losing the $10 if I get to warn others about staying away from them. They should probably be added to the “Do Not Post” thread. I will update if I hear back from them. My reply to the above was basically that I would let people know that they can’t be trusted.

13 thoughts on “Idle-Empire: Might Be A Scam, Is Definitely Untrustworthy

  1. Interesting. I like the “the tracking system is 100% reliable.” What a line of crap.

    Are you able to chargeback at your bank, if that’s how you paid? I’d stick it straight to them at this point. What do you have to lose if they aren’t going to follow through?

    1. Ha, yeah I know.

      I’ll look into it, but I’m satisfied enough from warning others about avoiding them.

  2. I know Idle-Empire, done some survays but majority I used to mine cripto there. Never withdraw till today, I found around +2€ there, I’ve tried cashing out to Coinbase (my choice) and the money came through over the day, not sure how long it took, but I’ve already got the money.

    That said, I don’t think they are scam (cause I got the withdraw without any problems), but on that specific type of surveys I’ve never tried before.

    1. I’m sure it works fine sometimes, especially lower paying stuff, or nobody would ever use them. But if situations like this can happen, it is best to be aware of the risk.

      1. Totally agree with you.

        Other problem of IE is the support, discord support can’t help you any further besides almost FAQ questions. And their ticket support takes ages or don’t happen at all.

  3. Hey there! I’m sorry you had an issue with this offer.

    We run this campaign through the offerwall “KiwiWall”, which features the Casino offer. Please note that the offer is not a scam, it works for the vast majority of people.

    I agree that the response you received is not appropriate and doesn’t help you much or explain the situation properly.

    We are working closely together with KiwiWall to make this process as reliable as possible, so we follow up with them if the user has any issues with the offer. We did that in your case and KiwiWall said that they did not receive any notice from the Casino about a completion of the offer from you.

    Unfortunately, we can’t act in this case as KiwiWall has the contract with the Casino. It might help if you contact KiwiWall directly at [](, if possible with screenshots – some users were able to solve their case this way.

    Whether you get credited after contacting KiwiWall or not, you should be able to withdraw your money from the Casino. The minimum withdrawal amount in Europe is 10 EUR, I would assume it’s 10 CAD in Canada.

    Please don’t hesistate to reach out to our support for any further questions too!

    1. I will email them, but I don’t understand why it wouldn’t have worked if it usually does. Maybe the offer is not a scam, but it is certainly unreliable, because I know I followed the steps correctly.

      Even if the issue is through KiwiWall and EuroGrand Casino, your website still provides the offer. If there is not a satisfying resolution, I stand by my complaints toward your services, especially your customer service for not being very helpful until I complained on a public forum.

      And no, I cannot withdraw the money from the casino, since one of the requirements was to play with at least $5 of it, which had the probable outcome of losing it to the casino.

      1. I hate this site and they are scammers definitely in my book but for other reasons which I explain in another comment.
        Every gpt site uses these same offer walls. None of them are going to manually credit you for offers the wall doesn’t pay them for.
        Furthermore the site has no way of doing much anything to help you because they do not have the proof the offer wall will ask for to prove completion.

        Lots of offers credit some and don’t credit others. There’s a percentage of offers that almost never work. But these walls are also how most all users make any real money on these sites. So it would hurt users if they block an entire wall every time an offer doesn’t credit someone.

        I do literally every single paid offer that has a dollar worth of profit in it. When they don’t credit me I do a charge back on the card I used.
        Then you know what I do ? As long as I see others are getting credited for this offer I clear my cookies and retry the offer again with a different credit card.

        It’s worth checking out the fine print on the actual offer too. Go open it again and see if it says it only accepts certain types if cards. Occasionally certain offers will only take actual credit cards. Some do not take any bank debit cards or pre paid cards either one.
        Now most of the time the offers won’t accept a card that they do not take for trial offers but on rare occasions they will take the card, charge you, yet not credit you because you used a debit card rather than an actual credit card.
        The video stripe offer was notorious for this exact thing.

        Just to be clear I hate this site. They suck. They use fraudulent methods of payment. Please use grindabuck, swagbucks, keep rewarding , instagc, gain, literally any gpt from the sticky.

  4. Have used idle empire for smaller amounts. Thank for for the warning not to try anything big there though. Did get $1-$5 cashouts, but nothing gigantic. All were delayed about about 12 hours.

  5. The individual offer has nothing to do with the site. Sites have no control if offers credit you or not. They can not very well pay you for an offer that the wall didn’t credit them for.
    You have to handle this problem with the offer wall

    That being said what makes this site a SCAM 100% for sure is the fact that they pay you as if you have sold them something on PayPal.
    Absolutely no legitimate site will ever pay you and it ask you to input a tracking number.
    This is a scammer technique from way back.

    I used the site, earned five bucks , got paid around 4.50 after fees, then had to spend an hour on the phone with PayPal getting my money unfrozen because I had no tracking number to upload.

    I do not care what they claim. Other foreign based sites are able to pay normally through PayPal. Their payment practices are shady and go against PayPal’s terms of service.
    Not to mention if you were to cash out from them several times and they filed cases against you which you’d have no tracking information for it could possibly (not probable but definitely possible) get your entire PayPal account frozen and possibly completely shut down.
    Honestly using their site is not worth risking a good verified PayPal account.

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