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Idle empire paid me after telling them I posted here, BUT sent money as i sold them something rather than as a payment, funds held awaiting tracking, Never has this happened to me before, sorry sorry sorry

Ok, if you followed my other post I did five bucks in low paying free offers on IE gpt site. They originally told me I was high risk and said they must hold my money because I was too high a risk.

After emailing telling them I was going to review my experience on this forum they then decided I was no longer a risk. They sent my 5$ minus a 52 cent fee and I thought oh well I’ll just not use the site anymore and this is over.

Today I received an email telling me my transaction needed attention. It’s telling me I need to upload my tracking number or print a shipping label.
They have sent me this payment as if I sold them something and now as it is this payment can be taken back from me at anytime.

No site does this, this is not how you pay people and anyone who’s ever done these sites knows this. This is a bull shit move. This money is frozen on my PayPal account.
Once this happened to me when doing free lance google search work for someone from China and they did the same thing then two weeks later filed a dispute and got their money refunded.

Just so the people at this site know what you done is against PayPal policy. It is a scum ball shifty scammy technique. I have used and still use most every decent site on the market and your the first actual web site that’s pulled some slimy shit like this.

I will notify PayPal tomorrow and show them that I did work for your site and tell them that you are abusing there system.

For anyone else that this may have happened to if anyone ever pulls this shit with you for any sizable amount of money that worked for and by chance you can’t prove it then you just get there address and send them a letter with tracking then enter the number on PayPal. Then you’ll get your money unfroze.

This is just uhm uh waaaaayyyy to much for 4.42$.

23 thoughts on “Idle empire paid me after telling them I posted here, BUT sent money as i sold them something rather than as a payment, funds held awaiting tracking, Never has this happened to me before, sorry sorry sorry

    1. Well I made 5$ in about an hour maybe and they told me the offers I dove were high risk and they couldn’t pay me they were going to freeze my earnings to protect the site.

      Then after the Reddit post I made they paid me but they pulled this shit.
      It’s honestly very shady. I will never do business with them again.

  1. I thought I was bad with stressing out about certain things. Try to get them to pay you, they did right? recommend them or don’t and that should be it. You should use this energy for something else. Thanks for the heads up. Some sites do that its just a system in place to not get completely gamed let alone have a bot do all of that. If anything they should say you have to much points from offers and you need a certain amount from other ways to earn to get payed out or something like that. Like I said ive never seen so much focous on such a simple ( could be ) post. thats intense coming from me.

    1. They paid me in a way that I have to call PayPal in order to get unfrozen. I have to open up a case. This is not done by other sites. I would like to know which other sites do this ?
      I mean I use most all gpt sites that are half way decent and this is a first for me from an actual site.

      1. Yeah that sounds like bs sorry I meant it in a good way. I Just meant to say its not worth you’re time since it seems like it’s got you upset. I got a PayPal payment from UK but I accepted it and it converted and went through. But yeah hope it works out.

        1. Oh man I work online so it requires very little effort for me to alert everyone in all the pertinent forums and groups when a site uses shady underhanded practices. Lol
          I am going to take s break from full time online earning this year and get back into wild root and herb harvesting. I have always dug ginseng but this year I been digging a lot of lower value roots. I can make 60-80$ a day without working to awful hard digging cohosh and other low value roots.

  2. yes, this sucks but many sites choose to do payments like that especially if they are outside the US. I had this problem with imoney late last year

    1. Which ones ? I use a lot of sites I mean damn near every thing mentioned here as well as lots of not so popular ones and this is a first for any site to pay me like this.
      Tell me what sites have done you this way. Honestly anyone trying to pull this crap needs to be outed for it because it is a scam move plain and simple.

      This does not happen by mistake. They had to go out if there way to send this payment in this fashion.

  3. Well that was a worthwhile $5 to burn if it means we all get to find out about possible scam site


    F for respects to your afternoon you could have been doing something else with.


    Keep us updated on this one as this seems like it is going to keep on going i assume shortly someone will be here to “explain” why this is “normal”


    They waved 5 dollars at you and hoped you would assume it was all good and wouldn’t notice it coming back out and then maybe you go do another 3 weeks of work before they yank it back out.

  4. You should still be able to use and transfer the money even without tracking. I wonder why they froze your account?

    1. My account is not frozen just the money from them
      Is on hold pending tracking. They paid me as if I sold them something. It looks like an eBay transaction does if your familiar with how those look and work.

      I had a guy do this to me once and get his money back two weeks later but he was an individual not a business

      1. I know exactly what you mean, I had the exact same thing happen except it was for a refund for a product. They put it as if I was the seller. Nothing has happened yet, and I was able to transfer the money to the bank and withdraw it without adding tracking. I’m just hoping they don’t try to get their money back but that’s another story. I just know I was able to use the money without adding tracking or anything like that.

        1. It should unfreeze in 7 to 21 days. I’m guessing since yours was a refund possibly it had something to do with why you had instant access.
          I had this happen once before and the guy got his money back two weeks later by filing a case.
          I will call PayPal and get this fixed tomorrow.

          They are breaking PayPals terms of service by doing this.

          1. No no I’m not saying you’re wrong at all. I’m honestly just worried about my money lol. And I’m wondering what could happen.

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