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Idle Empire TF2 Idling

Has anyone managed to receive points from idle empire for being on their server? I had set it up to go for a few hours but when I checked again recently I received zero points from doing this. Any advice?

thank you

8 thoughts on “Idle Empire TF2 Idling

  1. I wouldn’t do idle empire stuff I’m pretty positive you lose more money in electricity and wear, than you make.

    1. > you lose more money in electricity

      If i remeber correctly TF2 uses way less cpu, ram and gpu when tabbed out

      1. I think the point is more about leaving your PC in the first place on instead of, say, putting it to sleep.

        Although if you’re already leaving it on, then yeah, might as well leave it on.

  2. Have you connected the Steam account you are idling with to your IE account? The unconfirmed points should confirm after doing that.

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