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Does anyone use If so, how do you get the most points?

I find myself streaming their video playlists, but only get like 5-25/cents a day.

Any other ways to increase your pts?

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    1. Seconding this. Your Surveys specifically are incredibly high especially in comparison to sites like swagbucks.

  1. The chat box usually has some good tips and just below it is a scroll of offers being completed, also giving a good idea of how to get more points. The video playlists are probably the slowest and lowest earner, though they’re passive.

  2. Acewall has been doing gangbusters for me. Like over 4 bucks a day. I just launch the 4 videos and let them play in the background. I’m sure it won’t last, but I’m enjoying it while I can.

    REV universe has some good surveys and pretty specific details on how to qualify, although you’ll still DQ on them.

    Tap research under the surveys tab has a lot of short surveys. Those pay DQ points as well.

    If you’re patient enough, you can get a live sample or your survey 70 cents to a dollar.

    Coupon prints and signups

    1. You can most likely make more money by going straight to earnhoney. InstaGC doesn’t get to take their cut that way.

    2. New to this stuff, what is Acewall? Is it an extension or something or an actual site? I’m assuming a site considering the rest of your post mentions sites.

      1. Acewall is one of the offerwalls on Instagc and a few other sites. It’s all videos. I launch the videos and play them in the background, and get paid one point (penny) per ad that plays. Good for a few bucks a day for me at the moment.

        But, my understanding is that the amount you make can depend on your location, etc. Also, I don’t know if there’s a cap on these in terms of how many you can watch before they cut you off. But, I haven’t reached that yet. Here’s a link to what I made today just letting them run today for just a few hours.

  3. Can you run hideout videos and acewall at the same time, I usually let hideout run didn’t know acewall had videos.

  4. There are two LifeSurveys that you can do daily for $1.05/each.

    Running [Smores.TV](https://Smores.TV) usually gets me $0.50/day.

    Try to max out on your Watch Videos tab daily too, so you’ll get the bonus every Wednesday.

    And of course you’re 5% weekly bonus to get the max bonus on Sundays.

    There are often some trials that are less than $1 and you get back $3+ for, I’d check those every other week or so.

  5. Yoursurveys does 70 points each survey, but lately ive been getting dq-ed a lot

    also livesample does 105 per survey, so if you did both livesamples you make 210 points

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